Several decades ago, many people decided to change tires independently. However, these designs were much simpler than present and ensured the worst properties and safety. For replacement of modern, much more modern tires it is necessary to use the special assembly equipment because of what in house conditions it can’t almost be made. Correctly picked up tires and their correct installation mean not only safety on the road, but also slower wear and more reliable driving.

Installation of tires – at first, we remove old

The first step before it is possible to install the new tire on a rim, it to remove the old tire (if only you didn’t decide to get a new set of wheels). Here handwork is most widespread and such tools as an assembly spoon are used. Even before him, it is necessary to blow off, having just turned off the gate. At this moment, the tire machine which allows separating a tire sidewall from a rim is used. At the same time, it is necessary to remove wheel rim weighting compounds that the car could work and make room for installation of new weighting compounds after replacement.

Correct mounting

Before passing to installation of the chosen tire to a car rim, the employee checks whether their sizes coincide. Then he has to check their state (for example, having estimated protector depth) and year of release (for example, it isn’t recommended to use models 10 years in case of winter tires and 10 years are more senior if they are summer or all-weather tires) and it is passed to the assembly. At first, the board of the tire is greased with assembly ointment or paste that facilitates drawing. Then, together with a rim, he is placed in the tire machine to put into place a tire board after his start.

It, of course, not all!

Having placed the tire under a rim ledge, it needs to be pumped up gradually that side boards gradually nestled on a rim, blocking him and condensing all this. After inflating to operating pressure, the valve is put on again and subjected to check on tightness – usually in a bathtub with water. The damages caused by leaks will be let you know, forming vials of air, therefore you can replace the tire or execute necessary repair before the client leaves a workshop. Everything is ready for a final stage – balancing!

Balancing – an obligatory element to mounting

Irrespective of whether you install new or second-hand tires, balancing will be absolutely necessary. Thanks to him, it is possible to compensate roughness’s in structure of rubber which would lead to the vibration accelerating wear of elements of a pendant and steering and also to premature wear of tires. Balance is checked on the specialized machine, balancing is reached by addition and subtraction of cargoes. If, on the other hand, the existing tires have signs of uneven wear, you should check settings of a convergence of the car.

When mounting is necessary?

One of the factors indicating the need to look narrowly at tires and possible replacement is protector depth. If it is less than 1.6 mm, then it not only safety issues, but also the law obliges to replace tires in a workshop. Also, the roughness’s observed during the movement, such as visible damages of tires, extraneous noises at the movement with a constant speed, vibrations on a wheel or tendency to withdrawal of the car in one party, can testify to need of visit of service and possible replacement by new those. Of course, it is impossible to forget also about their seasonal replacement – on winter and summer.

Seasonal replacement – tires or disks?

The vast majority of drivers (except for those who use all-weather tires) are used by two sets of tires – winter and summer, which need to be replaced before a certain season. Some people prefer to establish and remove tires every time, using the same rim, while others choose two sets of wheels. What decision is better? It is worth meaning that putting on and removal of a tire from a rim doesn’t increase fully the term of her service. In spite of the fact that it is done by professionals, it results in faster wear of boards of a tire. Therefore, it is better to replace wheels and to choose new tires when they are damaged or worn-out.

Mounting – it is always worth addressing the expert!

Though mounting can seem simple occupation, actually it demands use of the specialized equipment and wide experience. Therefore, if you need to replace tires on your car, the visit to service of curing will be, certainly, the most recommended option. They not only will make it quicker and more qualitatively, but also will help you to estimate his condition and safety of use.