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Apparently, the oil of the holy gladiators, called the oil of St. John, was used by the ancient gladiators and, among other things, they attracted the forces necessary to fight in the arena. Although it is difficult to verify this bold statement today, there is no doubt evidence that natural substances have a beneficial effect on our health. Rubbed into the skin, it effectively reduces pain in muscles, joints, tendons and neuralgia, and is great for massage the back, neck and limbs. St. John’s wort oil is also a significant cosmetic. Smoother and restores complexion, accelerates wound healing and supports the treatment of skin lesions. Let’s check how to make butter at home.

St. John’s wort oil: how does it work for health?

St. John’s wort oil owes its healing properties to the valuable substances contained in the raw materials from which it is derived. This will provide us first: catechin tanning, flavonoids, especially hyperoside and quercetin, essential oil, phenol acids, choline, phytosterols, pectin, carbohydrates and mineral salts.

The effect of St. John’s wort oil on our health is complex. It has the ability to:

  •  painkillers,
  •  antiseptic,
  •  antibacterial,
  •  astringent
  •  diastolic,
  • -an antidepressant.

Hypericum oil: side effects

During treatment with St. John’s wort oil, do not expose yourself to direct sunlight, as spots and rashes may appear on our skin.

Hypericum oil, muscles and joints

Are you struggling with persistent pain in your back, neck, or limbs? St. John’s wort oil is a very desirable remedy. Natural medicine considers this a cure for various diseases of muscles, joints, tendons, neuralgia and sciatica. It also works well as a massage tool for an inflamed spine.

Hypericum oil, wounds and depigmentation

Thanks to its astringent and antibacterial properties, it perfectly regenerates the skin – accelerates the healing of severe wounds and edema, reduces the effects of infections and burns, and even helps get rid of persistent fragments. It is also a proven tool used in the treatment of skin lesions: acne, albinism, depigmentation. It can also be used to treat sunburns I and II degrees.

Hypericum oil and cosmetics

Hypericum oil is also appreciated in cosmetics. Perfectly strengthens and smoother the skin, stimulating it to recover. It also eliminates the effect of dryness, renews the epidermis and protects with imperfections and discoloration. Often appears in the composition of preparations intended for the care of dry and prone to acne skin.

Hypericum oil for a good night’s sleep

St. John’s wort oil can be used not only inside, but also outside. This will help to overcome anxiety, affect sound sleep and relieve depression.

How to make oil from hypericum?

Medicinal raw materials are St. John’s wort flowers, which are a source of valuable substances. It is best to collect them on a sunny day without rain. The optimal period will be the turn of June and July, because then the plant will bloom. Hypericum oil – like tincture – is prepared from fresh parts of the plant.

Essential Ingredients:

  •  100 g of hypericum flowers
  •  2 teaspoons of vodka
  •  0.5 l of sunflower or linseed oil


Put hypericum flowers in a jar and pour 2 teaspoons of vodka. Let stand for 15 minutes to free dye from them. Then pour the contents of the oil jar on and off. Place the dish in the sun. From time to time, we shake the contents of the jar. After about fourteen days, strain the oil through a cloth or cheesecloth and pour into a jar or dark bottles. We store in a cool and shady place.

How to cook Hypericum oil with olive oil?

Essential Ingredients:

– Hypericum flowers

– olive oil


Put the hypericum flowers in a jar. Pour them completely with olive oil. Close the jar tightly and set aside in a warm and sunny place. Shake the oil regularly. After about three weeks, when the oil becomes a suitable dark brown color, filter the contents of the jar through gauze or canvas. Pour the filtered oil back into a jar or bottle. Keep in a cool place. You can use it for medicinal purposes for several years.