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Fungus is a very unpleasant disease, especially in the summer, when we want to show our legs. The fungus that affects the epidermis, nails and membranes does not threaten our life, but negatively affects the quality of life. Treatment for ringworm usually lasts a long time, but without difficulty to make at home. If you do not know how to deal with foot and nail fungus – this article is for you!

1. Prevention of foot mycoses

It has long been known that prevention is better than cure. Prevention of this disease is mainly based on hygiene.

– Fungal bacteria such as warm and humid places, so you should carefully wipe yourself after bathing – especially the spaces between the toes. This will protect you from the growth of fungi on your feet.

“In addition, try to have your own towel and not lend it to anyone.” By lending your towel to someone, you can become infected without even suspecting it.

– Also, avoid borrowing socks or nail clippers, because bacteria can also settle on them.

– If you suffer from excessive sweating of the feet, use appropriate talcum powder or powders to keep your feet dry all day. Keeping your feet dry will help prevent fungal growth.

– Also do not forget to wear breathable shoes in which the leg can “breathe”. In shoes made of synthetic material, the foot tends to sweat. For the summer, give preference to sandals or comfortable slippers.

2. Terbinafine preparations

If you have a problem with a foot fungus, you should use terbinafine. This is a medicinal substance that has an extensive antifungal effect, which means it fights against various types of fungi. Such a drug should be used twice a day. Apply a thin layer of the drug to the affected area. The minimum treatment time is one week, and the maximum is four weeks.

Treatment for ringworm requires patience, but cannot be underestimated, because if left untreated, it will begin to spread. It should be remembered that the larger the area affected by the fungus, the longer the treatment process will last.

3. Nailner

In the case of onychomycosis, use a Nailner bacillus. Dermatophytes that attack our nails feed on keratin, the main building material for hair and nails. Using Nailner creates an unfavorable environment for fungi and limits their development. The stick should be used until the nail has fully grown. Apply Nailner on a clean nail, first twice a day for 3-4 weeks, then once a day – until the nail has grown completely (the nail grows by an average of 1.5 mm per month).