Irritability, increased appetite, sore and swollen breasts, flatulence, skin problems. These are just some symptoms of PMS, or PMS for short. And although not every woman experience this, everything can be very serious and disrupt normal functioning. PMS usually begins a few days before menstruation and lasts until it ends. How to deal with this? This is what can bring relief.

Proper diet

Diet plays a significant role in premenstrual syndrome. Symptoms of distress are often aggravated by a deficiency of vitamins and minerals, in particular B vitamins and magnesium. Therefore, a female diet should contain foods rich in these nutrients. In addition, the menu should also include foods rich in zinc and vitamins A and E, which have a positive effect on the skin. In turn, foods rich in flatulence will prevent bloating and constipation. The basis of the premenstrual diet should be vegetables and lean meat. Smaller portions will also be appreciated, but several times a day. In these few women’s days, it is worth giving up coffee, which can increase irritability. Instead, drink fresh herbal infusions. Fatty and high-calorie foods should also be avoided.


A few days before menstruation, it is also worth replenishing magnesium reserves in the body. Thanks to this, we will be less irritable and calmer. Magnesium can be used in nutritional supplements, although the best one is found in natural foods. Therefore, during PMS it is worth eating a lot of bananas, corn and sprouts. A solid dose of energy and well-being is guaranteed!


Let’s not forget about relaxation. A warm shower, massage, favorite books and TV shows will help us relax and improve our mood. These days, you should not bury yourself under the covers. This will not improve our mood. Meeting with friends and sports will help.