Sexual addiction is a problem that is beginning to affect a growing group of people. Mostly these are men, but many women also experience this disease. The problem appears in many social circles and increasingly in the spotlight. We hear a lot about this disease among politicians, actors, musicians and athletes. Apparently, they lead a normal life, until one of the many lovers does not want to share a secret with numerous media. Yes, public people are more likely to publicize their infidelities, but this does not mean that this problem does not appear in the circles of ordinary people. Sex addiction is not only sex with other women, the problem is deeper and refers to the bottom of porn addiction, or you need to constantly flirt. Sexual addiction requires a lot of energy, which can disrupt normal functioning in a society or family. It is increasingly said that this is becoming a problem similar to alcoholism or drugs. Various support groups appear to help people struggling with this problem. First, in order to diagnose the problem of sexual addiction, you need to know the symptoms that may indicate it. Read the article below, and you will find out what can be a sign of sexual addiction.

You have a double life

Do you meet a lot of girls? Do you cheat on your partner regularly? Do you keep your sex life secret from others, even close friends? Having double sex can be proof of your sexual addiction. The truth is that many people cheat on their partners because they do not have the willpower to resist temptation. Keeping your own inclinations secret from the whole world you think that this is bad, and obviously, you understand, this is a problem.

You ruin relationships with your loved ones

You are deceiving your loved ones, which leads to a deterioration in relations with your girlfriend, wife or children. Constant guilt prevents you from working properly at home or at work. You also lose contact with your colleagues or friends because you are too afraid of criticism from them. Not only a lover on the side can provide information about your gender dependence, but also regularly visit strip clubs or watch porn a day several times.

In search of new sexual experiences

Sex with your partner no longer turns you on. You regard this as a routine and one of the responsibilities that you must carry out every day. The search for the sensations necessary to satisfy your sexual desire begins. In the beginning, you satisfy yourself by flirting with work colleagues or other women with whom you communicate every day, but this is not enough for you.

There are problems with the law

Wanting to experience another erotic adventure, you may find yourself in situations that are not entirely legal. Nightclubs or escort agencies can have many problems due to the alcohol and drugs that still accompany visitors to these places. Even if your actions are completely legal, they may be socially unacceptable, which, in turn, can lead to poor reputation and pointing fingers.

You are negative about your person

If you continue to experience negative feelings about obscene behavior, it’s time to ask for help. Everyone has something to say in their life, but sometimes, due to many problems, we lose control over this. Thoughts of suicide, guilt, guilty conscience, or shame destroy our self-esteem and often encourage us to behave inappropriately. Sexual addiction is similar to other addictions and is characterized by effective blocking of normal functioning.

P. S * We can say that sexual addiction sounds pretty funny, but in fact it is really a big problem. Such an addiction can ruin your whole life, and a person with this problem often forgets that he worked his whole life – for home, family or a dream job. If, after reading this article, you get the impression that you also have this unpleasant problem, it is worth solving it. There are many support groups or online forums that can help you solve this problem.