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Everywhere we hear about the deepening crisis, rising inflation and unemployment. For many, everyday life is a struggle to simply survive. Many people say to take a loan that will last for many years. Also seek the help of loved ones. Nevertheless, one can easily see that organizing a wedding instead of enjoying it can be a nightmare …

What about the wedding?

Here the situation is even worse. Many people are guided by stereotypes, customs and advise how to organize a wedding. Thus, property sales, loans, wedding should be at a high level. A luxurious table, a church, many flowers and many other details that were not at a wedding with relatives or friends. So it seemed before, and, as shown now? True, most of them live in the city, respectively, and more expenses. This is not a typical example of how quickly the conflict of generations comes. Parents in everyday life are guided by the principles of what to do and what not. Young, in turn, increase the comfort of living in the faith that “I do not care, so it should be.” Inviting everyone, thus, the guest list numbers hundreds of people, including, and relatives, in fact, a little …

Wedding interest

Exclusive restaurants, cafés are busy for several months in advance. Must look at what is available, not what you like. Many young couples who went through the wedding and everything connected with the details was a nightmare for them. And it was not connected with trifles, such as different colors of ribbons or decorations, which — apart from the bride — would not have noticed them. Worse, if the future spouses would like a modest wedding, which was limited only to young people.

You can stop this fight

As a rule, such behavior does not bring any benefit. Both emotionally and financially. This leads to the number of guest aunts, uncles, and cousins, who often twirl their noses, wedding menus, and allow themselves bold comments regarding the dress or costume. Of course, you can approach, from a practical point of view, parents who are preparing a wedding for their child want to do everything appropriately. They cannot hear what the bride or the groom says. They reinforce their desires and always do what is closer to them. Thus, with this situation, it is better to pray that the tastes of family members are closest to yours.

Your savings

And at the same time, money does not bring happiness, but it simplifies many situations. In the end, this is your wedding, your day in which you are heroes, so no one should be too pushy to interfere. Since you do not want uncles present whom you have not seen for many years, you can safely tell your parents. In fact, if you want to have peace of mind, it is better to agree, but at least you save your nerves.

What’s the secret?

Unfortunately, in many situations, there is a risk of war in the family from the very beginning. And at the same time, it is necessary to take into account the point of view of parents and not to disappoint them, who simply dreamed, to see you bound by marriage. Especially when you are an only child … Therefore, before you take a radical step, you should carefully consider. It is better to put aside the fact that they have a slightly old-fashioned point of view, but they are parents, and will it be good to give them the right to participate on such an important day for us? And time cannot be turned back …

First, a good mood

In stressful situations, it is not difficult to exaggerate trivial things, so we are on the verge of argument or quarrel. Nevertheless, regardless of the type of wedding, the number of failures during the preparation is better to forget about feuds. Such moments are surprisingly better mentioned after years, so it would be nice if the smile never left you.