Getting a boyfriend is one thing. And “wind up his brain” is the second. Do you know how to drive a guy crazy about you? The following tips will give you magical power. You just need to learn and practice them, and you will be pleasantly surprised by the results.

How to drive a guy crazy

1. When you talk to a man, look into his eyes and smile. Play with your hair, brush your arm or belly with a running smile. This will put his imagination to work.
2. Wear sexy clothes. It’s not about dressing up as a street prostitute. Wear tight skirts, tight pants, tight blouses, and a plunging neckline. You will drive the guy crazy for yourself. Remember that men, unlike women, learn by sight. Even the man of your dreams will not be able to forget about you, seeing that you are dressed in sexy clothes, covering you and exposing this and that.
3. Use provocative, offensive phrases during the conversation, for example, “There is something incredibly exciting about well-dressed guys.” This will give him food for thought, if at the next meeting he “follows” what you said, you will find out that he wants to please you.
4. Tap. It is a tool to use. By the way, touch his hands, you can tell him to show you his hand, then put yours on it, as if comparing their size, gently slide your finger across your palm, as if by accident. If he wants to take the initiative and touches your hand, hold it longer, let him. You will show that you trust him.
5. Act like a lady. Many guys don’t like women who are assertive, bossy, and frivolous. Be yourself. This is the best you can do. After all, you want a man to be interested in you like you, not like a piece of meat. If he only wants to put you to bed, he doesn’t deserve your attention. Respect yourself and your body before doing something that you later regret.
6. Flirting. Be simple but mysterious, be interesting, be fun but not boring. Make him know more about you. Don’t tell him everything about yourself. When talking to him, make him look forward to the next conversation with you. Do not focus all your attention on it, sometimes pretend not to notice. This will make him wonder why you are not interested in him if everyone else is interested. And he will seek your attention.