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There are many articles or tips on how to charm a man, but women usually write them. It’s time to introduce a masculine point of view. Below are some tips on how you can charm a guy.

1. The most important thing is to find what he likes. If a man is interested in cars, ask him about them.

2. Always be confident in yourself and show that you are interested in this man. Do not overdo it and do not impose yourself on him, constantly asking him for a phone number or email address. Subtly, but clearly enough, show interest so that he wonders if he likes it.

3. Use body language to show that you are positive about the guy. Some men like it when a woman is negative, but they are quite rare. Showing your positive attitude is almost a guarantee that someone will be interested in you. Try to always maintain a friendly relationship, it does not hurt to cast a few flirty glances and a sweet smile. Believe it or not, men like women to love them.

4. Talk to him. During the conversation, make subtle gestures, such as touching his shoulder, a smile or compliments about his appearance. Men really like women to praise them.

5. Ask him questions about him during the conversation. Remember that everyone prefers to talk about himself, and not about others, regardless of their nature. This is where the real conversation begins. After each answer to his question, you can ask, “how is this?” Or “what do you think of this?”

6. About men, you need to know that they like to compete. Give the guy the opportunity to compete (just don’t overdo it), smiling coquettishly at the bartender when he brings you a drink. This will make the guy you talk to focus all your attention on him. Men very quickly become jealous, but under no circumstances should you overdo it so that your chosen one does not think that he is not interesting to you, and therefore you flirt with others.

7. Once you find out that the man is even a little interested in you, you can try to make an appointment with him again. A confident man will want to meet a woman who is interested in him the next day. A person who is shy puts off the date of the meeting in order to prepare well for it. Find out what type of character your boyfriend should correctly interpret his behavior.

8. When you think that he is interested, it really is. Let him know that he is a great man, and you would like to meet him again. Never rush if you want to build a relationship.

P.S * The human body language is a very good source of information. During a conversation, a person who is interested in you will: often smile, cover his face to hide nervousness, avoid eye contact when he is nervous, maintains eye contact if he is confident, will look at your lips, maintain a conversation if he slows down a little,

* Do not be touchy, most men do not like it.

* Do not ask him about things that can upset him.

* When you see that he is upset, show him that you like him by telling him a compliment.

* Do not increase meeting time by force. A short date may be more interesting for a person than after which he finds that he is bored.

* If you are looking for a long-term relationship, it is best that things go slowly. Once, give him a number, make an appointment, and then invite him to your place. When things go too fast, about 90% of potential relationships will fail.