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Iron is an element which is responsible for a number of functions in an organism. Its shortcomings can lead to serious failures in daily work of an organism. Shadows under the eyes, dizziness or resistant fatigue - very disturbing symptoms which signal that something is not right. The refusal of the products rich with iron, finally, can lead to anemia. How to fill up iron? Though first of all meat and animal products occur, vegetables deserve attention too. Some of them are an excellent source of a valuable element, and together with it, you can provide an organism with many other useful substances. We submit the list of the vegetables rich with iron, which will facilitate preparation of dishes.

Iron role in an organism

Iron role in an organism
Possibly, for most of us, iron is associated with the substance necessary for the correct course of the haematogenic processes in marrow. It is also a hemoglobin component, therefore he participates in transportation of oxygen to all cells of a body. It supports regeneration of fabrics, increasing the organism resilience to infections, positively influences effective functioning of muscles. Furthermore, it is one of the factors defining the correct work of heart.

Speak about availability of iron in a diet of the women, especially pregnant or much trying to become pregnant. Iron not only prevents anemia, but also it is necessary for development of a fruit.

Reasons of shortage of iron: who is subject to risk?

Considering a huge number of functions which are performed by iron, probably no wonder that this element is constantly used by an organism - including during the processes connected with regeneration during sleep. Not to spend all stocks, iron should be given regularly at meal time.

The reason for which we can struggle with deficiency of iron is not a really various diet. You have to remember that some products, rich with iron, are not enough. That they were effectively acquired, it is necessary to combine them with ingredients with the high content of vitamin C. The people keeping to very restrictive diets for weight loss and also vegetarians and vegans have to care for it. The athletes doing sports on endurance and the people doing manual work also have to care for the high content of iron in food.

Women with plentiful periods and recovering after operations and operations, which can lead to big blood loss, have to be especially sensitive to presence of iron at a diet. Absorption violations, chronic diarrhea and stomach ulcer also represent high risk of deficiency of iron.

Deficiency symptoms of iron

Everything begins rather innocently with feeling of fatigue and exhaustion, which many of us usually explain with many daily cases. The shortage of the necessary amount of iron has so an effect. There is a drowsiness, headaches and dizziness and also falling of mood without the visible reasons. Problems with concentration, storing and performance of our tasks and also the complicated breath during the classes which did not cause in us problems earlier. Also, there are symptoms which can be seen with the naked eye: pour in mouth corners, dark circles under eyes, rough and dry skin, a brittle hair and nails.

Vegetables rich with iron

Vegetables rich with iron
Not only the liver and other offal allow an organism to fill iron reserves. It is true that in meat we deal with iron which is digested easier, but it is impossible to lose sight of a role of vegetable products with iron. Especially as they the well of vitamins and minerals, and most of them can be eaten practically without restrictions, without worrying about extra kilos. What vegetables contain iron? We submit the list.

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  • Spinach
    Many of us can know the animated film about a quite nervous sailor whose incomparable force proceeded from this sheet vegetable. At Papaya, as we speak about it, was always a bank of spinach near at hand. However, it is necessary to remember that green leaves also contain oxalic acid, which reduces digestion of iron and calcium. For this reason, it is necessary to combine spinach with the products containing calcium and vitamin C. We recommend using them in the raw or in the least processed look.
  • Parsley
    Let's not use it only as ornament for Sunday broth. Whenever possible, include it in the majority of dishes, as it is an excellent source of iron in vegetables. At the same time, we will provide ourselves with a firm portion of vitamin A for advantage of skin and eyes.
  • Fennel
    The frequent guest of our gardens and flower beds - to one of the products containing a lot of iron. Its taste and aroma perfectly diversify daily dishes, therefore let's use its potential as soon as in shops fresh fennel appears.
  • Kohlrabi
    Perhaps, it is not so widely used as, for example, cucumbers or salad, but on it definitely it is worth stopping upon purchases. From it is possible to make tasty salad or vegetable cutlets. Leaves are edible and rich with nutrients.
  • Bean
    They became a sensation on vegetarian diets as an excellent source of protein, but whether you know that they are also one of the products containing a lot of iron? During a summer season, we will use access to fresh beans. Let's use green peas not only for preparation of classical vegetable salad. White beans, lentil and chick-pea have great taste and are available all the year round, therefore they protect from deficiency of iron.

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