Apple flowers appear in spring, at the turn of April and May. Fresh, lively, pure white with a pink tint, it amazes with its whimsical beauty.

Apple trees belong to the Rosacea family, as do roses, hawthorn and strawberries. Their leaves, buds and flowers, as well as fruits, are edible. Of course, you must remember not to peel the trees too much, because there will be no fruit. A couple or a dozen flowers won’t make a difference because most apple trees produce a huge amount of them.

Apple flowers appear simultaneously with leaf buds, and the bees have time to pollinate them in a short time. About two weeks if the days are relatively cool, a few days at higher temperatures.

Healing effect of apple flowers

Traditional herbal medicine uses fresh or dried apple blossoms. The collected flowers are dried in a ventilated place without exposure to sunlight. It is traditionally used to relieve stress, nerves, improve digestion, lose weight, detoxify the blood, cleanse the body, externally for acne and lighten blemishes.

Apple blossoms have a tart flavor with a sweet aftertaste. Cooling, astringent, reactogenic. They are rich in minerals and antioxidants.

It is traditionally used to relieve stress, nerves, improve digestion, lose weight, detoxify the blood, cleanse the body, externally for acne and lighten blemishes. According to Chinese medicine, they support the heart and lungs, strengthen the intestines, tone the liver, and nourish the skin.

On a deeper level, apple blossom cleanses difficult emotions and restores inner order. It helps to leave behind the emotional poisons of the past.

Apple Blossom Recipes

Fresh flower tea or dried

  • 2-3 fresh flowers or a teaspoon of dried, pour a glass of boiling water. Insist 2–3 minutes. It is drunk once a day for general strengthening, calming the nervous system, with eczema and skin ailments. To strengthen the heart, it is combined with hawthorn, and for women’s problems – with a rose hip flower. The tea has a fragrant, refreshing taste.

Skin tonic

Spray fresh apple blossoms lightly with rubbing alcohol. After a quarter of an hour, pour warm boiled water and leave overnight. Add some lemon juice, stir, and store in the refrigerator for several days. Used to wash skin with spots, discoloration, signs of aging, laxity.


Fresh apple flowers can be sprinkled with a small amount of alcohol, sprinkled with sugar, left for at least a day. It is added to teas and soft drinks. By adding more sugar, gelatin and cardamom, you can make delicious jelly.

Pear flowers

Грушевий цвіт
Pear flowers

In spring, they look like small tightly closed green buds that open in warmer weather to form broad, flat white petals. The flowers have a sweet floral aroma and a tart, bitter taste. They contain many antioxidants and have a reactogenic effect. In traditional herbal medicine, they are made into strengthening teas or mixed with honey to improve energy flow.

On a deeper level, they bring calmness, mental clarity, emotional support in times of crisis and times of great change in life.

Cherry and cherry blossom

They affect the heart, spleen, lungs, and bladder. Bitter, astringent, anti-inflammatory, and diuretic. Useful for inflammation of the urinary tract, diseases associated with elevated levels of uric acid and metabolic disorders.

They are very relaxing and calming. A tincture of flowers with the addition of a few leaves has a calming effect and improves mood. It relieves pressure around the heart and chest, especially with shallow breathing, palpitations, tremors, calms a nervous stomach.

Pour flowers with vodka in a ratio of 1:5. Add some leaves. Soak for 2 weeks and strain. In case of nervous conditions, it is enough to take 3–5 drops diluted in water. In teas, it goes well with rose hips, hawthorn, and cardamom.