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Currently, a modern, popular sport that helps to sculpt silhouettes, fitness classes that are rich in various forms of group activities – providing customers with access to modern equipment and teaching aids.

Aerobics mostly

Modern forms of aerobic sports based on research, and knowing what comes from scientific aerobics have become popular in the preparation of health promotion, which in addition to the effects of giving their safety to enthusiasts. What brings together group classes are available for everyone, and in the presence of music and choreography.

When choosing such group workouts, it should be noted that the distribution criteria, that is, the intensity and type of mechanical load. These criteria are: intensity, mechanical stress during sports training and the participation of various muscle groups. Training should be selected on the basis of their overall performance and experience in the form of music – movement.

If not for some time practiced, choose to start with less intense forms of practice. Classes after a long break should not cause much discomfort over the next few days. At present, in professional clubs, fitness classes are very diverse. As a rule, these clubs have many offers, there are several types of activities with different intensity and of a different nature, depending on the default value to direct our efforts.

A variety of exercises

The exercise program should be varied enough to be able to properly take care of different parts of the body and physical fitness. When training is systematically carried out and the gradual increase in the effects of training loads can be seen in the blink of an eye – in the form of a stronger body and to increase the efficiency of the main systems of the body and improve health and increase the level of happiness. This, from time to time, which change every 4-6 weeks of training parameters (duration, intensity, number of workouts per week) in the muscles were stimulated at all times slightly above the level of fatigue. An important parameter is muscular balance.

The movements in the joints are well coordinated and, in order to avoid injuries and maintain appropriate postures, our exercise program should be located so that the muscles are trained to act contrary to the loads. It is also important to provide a proper dose of muscle relaxation (regeneration and health – to avoid over training). Over training, unfortunately, often occurs in people who, after a long break for some time, want to catch up on lost time in class. But often this is a way that is accentuated by numerous injuries and injuries that can reduce the quality of life and reduce our efforts to achieve the goal.

Keep in mind that if we see a general decline and loss of strength training methods, tendencies, fractures and pain in the joints, and also changes in the state of rest, heart rate recovery should be immediately communicated to the doctor, probably because to be signs of over training.