Birth control pills have not always been widely used. A century ago, women dispensed with the use of any contraceptive, and the very idea of ​​birth control pills is relatively fresh. As we know about contraception, there are many rumors that often turn out to be wrong, but many people are still convinced that they know everything about it. Of course, it is very difficult to make people aware of the consequences of not using contraception, because the various methods used by opponents of contraception often fail. What you need to know about birth control and birth control pills to make sure they won’t fail? Here are some facts and myths about contraception.

Intermittent method is an effective way to avoid pregnancy

Many couples are convinced that the intermittent method is the best way to prevent an unwanted pregnancy. Unfortunately, this method does not guarantee that we will prevent pregnancy, because there is a chance that ejaculation will occur before ejaculation during intercourse. In addition, this method requires a lot of discipline on the part of the partner in order to manage to break the relationship. Statistics show that this method leads to an unwanted pregnancy by 25 percent, if this is the only contraceptive method used by the couple.

Using pills leads to cancer

No matter what you do and what methods you use, you cannot tell whether birth control pills are the cause of cancer. However, there are studies that clearly state that birth control pills can even protect the cervix from cancer. This means that using pills can not only prevent an unwanted pregnancy, but also help prevent diseases related to the genitals.

The longer you take the pills, the harder you get pregnant in the future

This is a myth; we often hear from a person who has never had contact with birth control pills. Many women do not know that they can become pregnant as soon as they stop taking the pills. We are not talking about constant changes after prolonged use of contraception, because tablets are most often adapted to your hormonal system.

You cannot get pregnant while taking pills

This is a fallacy because no contraceptive method gives you a 100% guarantee that you will not become pregnant. Of course, the probability of getting pregnant with regular intake of the right amount of tablets is small, but there is still no absolute guarantee. For couples who want to avoid an unplanned pregnancy, using birth control pills in combination with a condom will be the right solution.

You cannot become pregnant while breastfeeding

This is another myth that shows that some people have no idea about contraception and how the human body works. It is not said that a woman who is breastfeeding is barren. Of course, when breastfeeding, the level of hormones changes, and minimal changes occur in the body, which may indicate a decrease in fertility, but this is not a guarantee that in this way we will avoid pregnancy.