How is liver cancer treated? First, it is the appropriate cancer therapy, adapted by the specialist and fully respected by the patient. In addition, it is worth paying attention to aspects that can significantly support the therapy. These include diet as well as special herbs. There is no single cure for liver cancer, and about 750,000 people suffer from it every year! But it’s worth remembering that the right food choices and herbal medicine can often work wonders.

What can a person with liver cancer eat?

At the outset, it is worth emphasizing that what we eat can, largely, be a factor in reducing or increasing the risk of cancer. The diet for liver cancer and its development should not contain antitoxins. These mold compounds can be found in rotten grains, vegetables, fruits and nuts. They were considered an important etiological factor (causing the development) of liver cancer. It is necessary to exclude such spoiled foods from the menu, both in the case of already diagnosed liver cancer, and when we want to act in this direction prophylactically. When we notice changes in mold shape even on some grains, nuts or other foods, we should throw away the entire packaging – mold germs are already present on all other foods that deal with clearly “infected”.

The diet after surgery for liver cancer should be digestible, so the most desirable are:

  • Boiled, mashed, vegetable and fruit mixtures,
  • Boiled, stewed, never fried meat and fish,
  • Low-fat dairy products,
  • Mild spices and herbs such as marjoram, lavage, savory, thyme, basil, dill, parsley,
  • Lightly overcooked grains such as cereals, rice, and pasta (it is best to choose clean – not whole meal or whole grains).

Daily nutrients and calories need to be spread over more, but a small amount of meals – even 7 meals – can optimally produce the bile needed for digestion. Therefore, in liver cancer, it is recommended that the diet contain a reduced amount of fat, to about 1 gram per kilogram of the patient’s body weight per day.

Liver cancer – listed and prohibited foods

Of course, among the prohibited foods are the sources of antitoxins already mentioned. The second product on this infamous catwalk is alcohol. For both the most common liver diseases and cancer, this should be completely eliminated from your lifestyle. Even the smallest amounts of alcohol can be very harmful for a patient with liver cancer – not only because they can negatively affect the effect of cancer drugs, but also because alcohol is simply poison for the liver and is a heavy burden on it.

In addition, bloating, difficult-to-digest and fatty foods such as legumes, onions, garlic, fatty meats and their products, raw fruits and vegetables, whole grains, nuts, and seeds should be eliminated from the liver cancer diet.

It is worth taking care of the supply of foods rich in vitamins and minerals. In particular, these ingredients support the function of the liver and / or are stored in it. Often, in diseases and tumors of the liver, the absorption of many ingredients is impaired, so you can consult your doctor about their intake: vitamins A, K, C, B, selenium, zinc, calcium, and sodium.

It is also worth remembering that it is best to eat for liver cancer, an individual specialist – a nutritionist, will advise us.