It is estimated that around 60% of women in Western countries use various methods of pregnancy prevention. The most popular method is oral contraceptives. Experts agree that the most effective method is the IUD, oral contraceptives and patches. Since the 1960s, the choice of pregnancy prevention methods has been steadily increasing. Moreover, their effectiveness is also increasing. You’ve probably heard about most of them, but how much do you really know about the pregnancy prevention method you use? Maybe you had a short moment to talk to a gynecologist before you got a prescription. The truth is that most women are surprisingly little aware of birth control pills. Read and you may be surprised.

The truth about birth control pills

Правда про протизаплідних таблеток

It is effective only if you take it constantly. A conceptual pill is only effective if you take it every day (this is clearly explained on the leaflet on the package). You cannot afford to miss even one day. A shocking 43% of unplanned pregnancies are due to missed pills. The effectiveness of this method even depends on the time of day when you take the pill – do not forget to take it at the same time as possible.

Birth control pills do not protect against sexually transmitted diseases

Many people are convinced that birth control pills are also effective protection against sexually transmitted diseases. If you were in this group – remember this once and for all – this is shit. The only way to protect yourself from gonorrhea, syphilis or AIDS is with the good old condoms.

Intrauterine devices are more effective

Studies have confirmed that intrauterine devices are the best way if you do not want to become pregnant. It is assumed that their effectiveness is 20 times higher than the effectiveness of tablets or plasters. What for? When using the insert, you eliminate the so-called human factor, how to remember to take the pill. This should not mean sexual activity, this is important news for the shocked parents of teenage daughters. A birth control pill has other uses. Helps regulate the menstrual cycle and soothes cramping. Therefore, if your daughter takes pills, this does not necessarily mean that she is sexually active.

Birth control pills do not work right away

Birth control pills can be effective even two months after they start. Therefore, if you decide to use this form of contraception, remember about additional protection. The same applies if you change the type of pill you are taking.

Birth control pills do not increase weight

The first versions of the pills significantly encouraged women to gain weight. In the 60s, tablets contained higher doses of hormones. But a modern tablet rarely causes such side effects.

Birth control may interact with other medicines

If your doctor has prescribed a prescription for you, mention that you are taking birth control pills. Some drugs reduce or even reduce the birth control effect. First, these are antidepressants, antifungal drugs and antibiotics.

Contraception will ever be for men

It is difficult to say exactly when we will receive oral contraceptives for men. But studies of hormonal and non-hormonal versions of the male pill are ongoing

Birth control has side effects

Birth control pills have side effects. They are very different for different types of tablets. Women also react differently to them. Some do not feel anything. Before you decide to take a pill, you should talk with a gynecologist and choose the most suitable drug for yourself.

Birth control does not cause infertility

Infertility caused by prolonged use of pills is nothing more than a myth. This is confirmed by the results of studies conducted among women who have taken pills since the 60s.