How to increase hair volume? Many women ask themselves this question. Most often this problem applies to women with thin hair. For them, we will give you some tricks that optically increase the volume of hair. Here they are:


If you want to visually give hair volume, the hair must be properly dyed. Hair should be covered in several colors. Minimal color gradation will create the illusion of hair volume. Stylists advise dying hair, starting with the darkest hair color on the head and the lightest at the ends.

Suitable cosmetics

Not all cosmetics on store shelves are suitable for fine hair. To get the effect of a larger volume of hair, hair mousse will not help you. When styling your hair, it is better to use hairspray and check whether your hair needs mousse, a light foam that keeps the hair in shape and fluffy hair.

Hair drying

To give hair volume, use a hair dryer. Direct the air flow in the opposite direction of hair growth. Drying should be gentle, dry hair with cold air. After drying, style your hair with hairspray. A suitable dryer with air ionization function, which gives hair volume.


When choosing a haircut, pay attention to the fact that it creates a three-dimensional effect. The best are short hairstyles that easily fit and give hair volume. If you have long hair and do not want to cut it, put on curls, light and loose.

Homemade hair mask

Mix 2 spoons of burdock oil, 2 yolks and 1 tablespoon of ground coffee together. Heat everything in a water bath. Apply hair mask and apply. Leave on for 30 minutes, then wash and wash the hair with shampoo. This mask will give them an incredible volume and shine.