Recipes of summer homemade drinks

Are you tired of the summer heat? Do you feel tired every time you leave home? Nothing could be better than a home-made refreshing and healthy drink. You can drink them at will. Drinks will not only help you fight the heat, but will also bring full health benefits. Check them out and never get tired on hot days.

Cool green tea

Cool green tea

Green tea is a drink that brings many health benefits. Helps fight stomach upset and acidity. It cools the body, relaxes muscles and removes toxins from the body. Instead of getting a cola full of sugar, take cool green tea and reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer.

Water with honey

Вода з медом

Make delicious honey water at home. Add honey, ginger and slices of candied ginger to sparkling water. Drinking ginger water daily compensates for the loss of water on hot days.

Cool peppermint tea

Cool peppermint tea

Peppermint tea is refreshing and healthy. It relaxes muscles and cools the body, helps fight muscle pain and stiffness. Pour the mint leaves with water and wait while it is brewed. Add honey to taste. To drink cold.

Raspberry lemonade

Малиновий лимонад

Delicious raspberry drink for hot days. Mix raspberries to get this delicious drink. Add some lemons juice, honey and chilled water to them. You can replace raspberries with strawberries.

Tomato juice

Томатний сік


You get healthy juice for hot days from tomatoes. Grate mashed tomatoes. Add your favorite spices, some lemons juice, honey and a few ice cubes. This delicious, spicy drink will provide the body with antioxidants and help fight disease.