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How to increase libido and restore the desire to have sex? What to do to surprise your partner and regain temperament? 10 ways to help you enjoy your sex life!

You communicate with friends who talk about new details and interesting places in your circle, where you loved to have sex with a partner, and you … tell you something. You go to bed next to your loved one, but the only thing you want … fall asleep in his arms. So for a few weeks or even months! You feel that your appetite for love has plummeted lately. Can you do something?

Here are 10 ways to increase libido:

Show interest in erotic-inspired art. The search does not have far-reaching boundaries, because sex has always been popular, and has many topics in books, films, photos, images. If you were not interested in the early, and during the bright “moments” in the film were switched to another channel, it’s time to change it! Relax and feel free to watch interesting scenes with your beloved ones.

Reinforce knowledge of sex and sexuality – you have several articles in women’s magazines and rich literature,

Take care of your body. The source of inhibitions in the bedroom is often complex, or the non-recognition of their own physicality. Meanwhile, sports, exercise and a healthy diet will not only have a good effect on libido, but also improve self-confidence, and increase vitality and joy in life.

Masturbation – take a warm bath, light vanilla candles, imagine that in real life you would never dare to do and … do it in your head.

Keep an erotic diary – write down in it all your fantasies, charm, memories of burning moments. Look at yourself as a person full of thoughts about sex!

Lingerie:  change to sexy lace – underwear in which you feel like a model and make you look at yourself with different eyes.

Fight against stress. Often, the answer to the question “How to increase libido” is simply “stress offset.” Problems at work, racing duties, conflicts with close people, of course, do not inspire, get rid of unnecessary duties that give you more free time and allow you to enjoy your relationship.

Talk about sex with your partner. Maybe these preferences do not match? Can you try something new? Maybe the problem is not in you, but in the partner? Feel free to say: erotic stories.

Prelude. The road to the pleasure of a woman is long, but this is what is pleasant. Oil massage, kisses, caresses, pleasant conversation, a common bath or an erotic photo session … There are many ways to conduct a foreplay that is sure to stimulate the desire for sex.

Aphrodisiac hugs – oysters, shrimps, Brazil nuts, ginger, lavage, red wine … There are many products that help increase libido. Then dim the lights, turn on the calm music and … enjoy the moment?