Tequila does not belong to the group of “healthy food”, but expresses a beneficial effect on health. For example, did you know that tequila will help you lose weight? And this is only one of its advantages. Look for tequila with the words “100% agave” for greater health benefits, and drink no more than 1–2 glasses. Remember that any alcohol can be addictive. Here are 10 amazing benefits of drinking tequila.

Tequila will help you lose weight

This is unbelievable, right? As a rule, if you want to lose weight, you cannot drink alcohol. Alcohol is a high-calorie product. However, if you can drink a controlled amount of tequila, you can lose weight due to the properties of agave. Pure agave contains less purified molecules that do not increase blood sugar (for example, from agave nectar). As a result, the sugar that exists in tequila does not bring us as many calories as other alcohols with a more complete glycemic index. Tequila enhances metabolism and promotes the absorption of fats.

Supports digestion

A glass of tequila after a meal supports digestion. Some people think it’s good to drink a glass before meals to increase metabolism and appetite, and after a meal, a glass to improve digestion.

Contains Probiotics

Probiotics are healthy bacterial cultures found in the intestines. And responsible for the immune system and for maintaining balance in the body. Some fractals from which tequila is made contain many probiotics.

However, we are talking about small amounts of tequila. The drink definitely will not have a positive effect on the body and its immune system! The body will work harder to get rid of toxins.

 May help fight osteoporosis

According to reviews, substances found in agave affect the absorption of calcium in the body and thereby eliminate bone depletion.

It can help prevent grade 2 diabetes.

Diabetics can drink tequila without fear, because the fractals contained in it are not digested and behave like fiber. Thus, they are not absorbed, and do not raise blood sugar and do not even induce the process of insulin production. If you have diabetes, talk to your doctor before consuming tequila, because each case may be different and have different contraindications.

May reduces the likelihood of developing dementia

Developments at Wake Forest University show that people who drink alcohol (including tequila) in acceptable amounts are less likely to develop dementia later in life. However, be careful! A correlation was also found between excessive drinking of alcohol and instantaneous symptoms of dementia. Always be moderate!

Tequila helps deliver some drugs to the intestines

People suffering from certain diseases of the digestive tract, such as Crohn’s disease, irritable bowel syndrome or colitis, can benefit from the use of tequila, since the fractals contained in it contain natural carriers that protect the medicine from the reaction of the stomach acid and help them get into the intestines, where they are absorbed. Scientists want to use fractals in prescription drugs that are used for these diseases. Be careful though. Most drugs should not be consumed with alcohol.

Useful for insomnia.

Due to its relaxing features, tequila pacifies your nerves and can even help you fall asleep. However, it is better not to get used to the daily glass for a good sleep. However, occasionally a little tequila will be a quick way to fall asleep faster.

After that no hangover

Therefore, it is worth drinking high-class alcohol. Remember that it must be tequila containing 100% agave. More budget counterparts will contain sugar.

No alcohol is good for your health, but if you want to drink something from time to time, then tequila is the best option. Be healthy!