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Modern kitchens are not only aesthetic, but also functional, they are designed to make food pleasant, comfortable and tasty. Dishwashers, microwave ovens, food processors and other appliances are very helpful. Manufacturers are trying to create modern kitchen utensils and accessories that use as little time as possible to clean and store as little space as possible. Unfortunately, some of them come from very poor-quality materials and can release toxic substances that enter the food. Improper use of pots and utensils can also be dangerous. Check what to look for in the kitchen.

Teflon pans

Teflon pans are a popular cooking tool in the kitchen. They are cheap, readily available and easy to use. Unfortunately, toxic substances, such as fluorine compounds, begin to be released at very high temperatures. Teflon is made of a polymer material, which, after exceeding 260 degrees Celsius, can release harmful substances. However, the biggest threat is the use of curved Teflon pans. Shell particles can enter the food and in the long run have a very negative effect on the body: reduce immunity, lead to hormonal disorders, increase the risk of heart attack and stroke, as well as the formation of tumors. If we often grill at high temperatures, cast iron pans are a good alternative.

Copper and aluminum pans

Aluminum and copper pans emit substances that can enter the food during cooking. There are signs that aluminum secreted from aluminum vessels contributes to diseases of the central nervous system, including Alzheimer's disease. It can also accumulate in the liver and lead to its failure or even cancer. These types of dishes are covered, for example, with ceramic coatings, which must protect the food from contact with harmful substances and be careful not to damage them when used and cleaned incorrectly. In turn, coated copper vessels contain toxic nickel. Therefore, glass dishes (especially for use in the oven), as well as high-quality stainless-steel pots are a good alternative.

Black nylon tools

Popular cooking utensils are extremely toxic. I am talking about spoons, skimmers and spatulas, covered in black nylon. Studies have shown that they contain toxic, carcinogenic substances. An experiment conducted by Danish scientists confirmed suspicion of these items. At high temperatures (for example, when stirring hot soup), spoons and spatulas begin to secrete methylenedianiline (4,4-MDA) in quantities significantly exceeding acceptable, harmless standards. The substance is on the list of cancer-causing agents and may also contribute to liver damage, food poisoning, abdominal pain, nausea, fever and general malaise.

Plastic cups and cutlery

Plastic cups, plates and cutlery are very unstable to high temperatures, so we should not use them for eating hot food. The toxic substances contained in them easily enter the food, for example, bis phenol A. This can affect the development of hormonal diseases, cancer and other serious diseases. It is also worth limiting the use of plastic food containers and plastic bags. The best choice (and much more environmentally friendly) is to use glassware and paper bags.


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