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How to make up after a quarrel?

How to make up after a quarrel?

Few people like to harm their loved ones. Unfortunately, sometimes in life it happens that we hurt the people we care about, and often we do it unconsciously. You are terribly worried that your best friend is very hurt by you, and you want to fix it. Read some of my tips on forgiveness and try them out - you might.

Quarrel over distrust how to make up

Quarrel over distrust how to make up
1. Be honest

Try to be honest with your friend about what happened. After all, no one is perfect and everyone makes mistakes. Often times, when we know that someone is angry with us, we leave the situation behind and don't try to fix it. We may be held back by fear or fear of not forgiveness, but we should not leave the problem in the hope that it will resolve itself. It's always worth trying, just apologizing and asking for forgiveness.

2. Be polite

It is worth striving for a person whom we respect and are very good friends with. Even if she is angry with you, be nice to her, look for her location. You may have to grit your teeth because she may not be good to you, but hang on - she is a victim, after all. When she sees your efforts, she will surely soften her heart and forget the cause of her anger.

3. Earn forgiveness

The process of forgiveness can be different. You can get them very quickly or take a long time. It all depends on the severity of the offense and the nature of the victim. Some people just need more time to forget about the harm they have done. If you know it may take a while, don't give up. Be patient. Prove with your actions and behavior to a friend that you are a worthy person. Make it clear that it is good that you are among their friends.

4. Write a letter

Sometimes it's easier to express regret on paper than face to face. A friend doesn't give you the opportunity to meet or just doesn't let you agree and say whatever you want? Take a piece of paper and write down how sorry you are. Explain why this happened and ask for forgiveness. Be completely honest, because you end up writing to someone who knows you so well. The person receiving this message will be able to read it many times and calmly think about what happened.

5. Keep calm

Expressing anger at someone not wanting to forgive you will definitely not lead to reconciliation. Despite the tense atmosphere, stay calm and do not give in to unnecessary emotions. If you create a less stressful atmosphere, the victim will also calm down. Remember not to raise your voice and let the other person say a word. The act of reconciliation will never happen if you scream, and this can only make the situation worse.

6. Give as much time as needed

As I mentioned earlier, each person is different, so some do not last long, while others just endlessly. Are you looking for forgiveness, but you hear that the other person needs more time, that he must deal with everything?

7. Be prepared to admit your mistakes.

Maybe you think that nothing happened, that the other side is exaggerating. Think about how you would react - you probably wouldn't be happy. Perhaps she is more sensitive and touches more unpleasant things. First, admit your guilt and then rush to ask for forgiveness. Apologize and show a little humility by admitting the wrongdoing and say that you are very sorry about it.

8. Try to talk longer.

Encourage your friend to walk together. Sit on a park bench and try to talk quietly. The surrounding greenery, birds, and people walking the dogs will make the mood less hectic. Talk about what happened and try to get along. Show that you deserve a second chance and that you shouldn't ruin the relationship with one thing you really regret.


I think everyone deserves another chance, especially when they try really hard and sincerely regret their actions. There are no infallible people and people who are not wrong. Use these methods if you are under the skin of someone you really care about. I believe that sooner or later you will be forgiven. What are you doing to ease the conflict and regain the other person's trust?