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Trimming your toenails can be hard. If they are not soft enough, they can break. Properly softened nails are a good way to prevent subsequent problems and make sure your nails look healthy and aesthetically pleasing. Soften your nails easily and takes only a few minutes. Read our article and find out how to do it.
Items you will need:

  • large bowl or bath
  • bath salt
  • towel
  • stopwatch and nail clippers

Fill a bowl or bath with hot water. Check the temperature of the water by lowering your finger to make sure that the water is not too hot.
Pour 1/8 cup of bath salt into a bowl and mix well to dissolve the salt. Place a towel on the floor next to the bathtub or bowl. Immerse your feet in salt water. There should be enough water to completely cover the legs with water.
Set the stopwatch for 10 minutes. After this time, remove your feet from the water and dry them on a towel. Your nails should now be more flexible. Trim your nails in a straight line.


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