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You are wondering how to capture these amazing autumn colors on the photo, their depth and beauty? You probably want others to enjoy this beautiful view with you, although they are not nearby. Just take some photos. Read the tips below to show you the best way to photograph autumn, which brings us its splendor.

1. Use a digital camera for this. It is ideal for outdoor photography and fully reflects the colors of autumn leaves. In this type of camera, we can immediately check whether the photo was successful and whether we did what we wanted. These types of photos can be quickly and easily converted if necessary.

2. Make a selection of what you want to photograph. You can get amazing photos without putting pressure on any particular subject. You can take pictures, everything that is found in nature between trees, insects or falling leaves, all preparations for winter. You can also focus on the landscape. So give free rein to your imagination.

3. You can choose the dependencies found in nature that you will show in the picture:

- Focus on one color, contrasting colors, or the entire palette of autumn colors.
- Make a wide overview of the autumn landscape.
- Focus on one object, such as a tree.
- Take pictures of falling, colorful, autumn leaves, and still hanging on the branches.
- Mix autumn leaves with soil, large stones, blue sky or water.
- Use raindrops that fall on the leaves.
- Use seasonal fruits or other signs of autumn.
- Use a combination of colorful leaves and mushrooms.

4. Even a simple digital camera can have many useful options for autumn photos:

- Use the macro function.
- Take a wide angle shot.
- Take advantage of the zoom option.
- Experiment with the various settings that the cameras are equipped with - use soft and bright colors.
- Try the highest ISO camera sensitivity.

5. Compose the image so that it is as interesting as possible.
- Use simple compositions to avoid confusion.
- Position the camera to isolate the object in the foreground and get a blurry background.
- From a wide viewing angle, hug some interesting objects in the foreground. Make sure they contrast with the rest of the image.
- The main purpose of the image may be to highlight one side - often the left seems more natural.
- Be careful with deep shadows. Images can be quite black, and you may have trouble processing them even with the best computer software.

6. As always, light is needed to emphasize the depth of autumn colors. However, try also to take a picture on a cloudy day, maybe you can capture the autumn mood.

7. Using a flash in the sun, you can highlight the wonderful colors of the leaves: red, yellow, gold in combination with various shades of green.

8. Filters with circular polarization are still very useful when shooting outdoors. They highlight the color of the sky and sunlight.


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