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The weather in spring can be so capricious that the temperature outside does not pamper and does not prompt you to look for the first symptoms of the long-awaited season. This is why many people use floral accents, which, when placed in the home, improve the mood. One of them is cut tulips, replacing the approaching blocky spring. But what can you do to keep your eyes happy as long as possible? With just a few simple steps, caring for your cut tulips is easy.

Choose the right flowers

In order for cut tulips to decorate our flowerpot house for as long as possible, you need to choose the right flowers. If we decide to buy in a supermarket, we should focus not only on the variety and color of the petals, but also on their shape. Better to reach out to those who are not yet developed, because if you put them in water for a dozen or so days, they will be in all their glory. It is also important to remember - although this happens less often - not to buy cut tulips in the cold. Freezing temperatures will cause them to wilt quickly when brought home.

Basic treatments for cut tulips

Before placing cut tulips in a vase, there are a few simple steps you can take to make them livelonger. First, it is worth removing the lower leaves from them, because when they are lowered into water, they can quickly rot. It is also a good idea to cut off the ends of the stems: it is best to use a sharp and clean knife for this. It is best to cut at an angle. Why? This will increase the area through which cut tulips can suck in water.

Location is critical too!

Location is critical too!
When you bring cut tulips home, where they will be displayed is critical. Although they are flowering plants, intense sunlight is not very beneficial for them because they develop faster and then wither quickly. Where, then, to put a vase of cut tulips? It is best to stay away from windows and near sources of heat, because, like the sun, they negatively affect their condition.

Change the water to the tulips!

There is no need to convince anyone that cut tulips require water. However, many people are unaware that the water needs to be changed frequently! It is best to pour fresh water into the vase every day, this will keep the cut tulips fresh, and their petals will not begin to develop so quickly, which will lead to bleeding of the plants.

Meet the tricks of the florists!

If we want to be sure that cut tulips will stay with us for several days, it is worth knowing the tricks that will naturally prolong their life. What should you strive for? Usually we have everything at hand. You can put a copper coin in the vase, that is, the yellow pennies that we have in our wallets. Some recommend sticking the match into the stems (head inward). Why? Because the copper compounds in the coin and the sulfur in the match can extend the lifespan of cut tulips. Nothing stands in the way of adding half a teaspoon of sugar or a little vodka to the water, which acts as a natural conditioner to prolong the life of the cut tulips.

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