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A true animal lover takes care of the health of his little ones. Follow-up visits and mandatory dog ​​vaccinations are only part of the responsibilities. The good health of pets also depends on the quality of their teeth, which, like humans, deteriorate with age. If we want our dog to be in all its glory, we must also pay special attention to them. So, how do you care for your dog's teeth? Here are the best tips!


Proper diet is the key to keeping your dog's teeth in all their glory. So is it good to feed your pet the prepared food for his condition? Of course, you need to feed your dog wisely. We shouldn't be limited to just wet food, because it is rich in protein and other nutrients that can contribute to the formation of plaque in our pet. As a result, diseases of both gums and teeth are easier to develop. It is also a good idea to give your dog dry food, as it is also abrasive. Unfortunately, the cheapest one cannot be reached, because it is rich in cereals. An excess of them strains the dog's health, can lead to obesity, and also contribute to diseases of the digestive system.

It is also worth adding some variety to the dog's diet. Serving our favorite carrots is a good example! This is not only a hard injection of vitamins, but also its hard structure will help clean the teeth and gums from accumulated plaque. Unfortunately, older dogs may not like such a novelty on the menu, so it's worth starting with a puppy.



The ideal way to keep your dog's teeth in top shape is to purchase teethers. They not only work great as an abrasive element, but also strengthen the teeth through regular contact with the dog's mouth. There are two sides to the coin, however. Plastic and fragile parts should not be given to play dogs, as they can not only excessively abrade the enamel, but also damage the object. Small particles of plastic can swallow and damage your dog's delicate digestive tract.

Fortunately, pet stores offer a wide range of chewable products to care for your dog's teeth. What you should pay attention to? For prepared parts of animals: pressed fibers, tails, horns, etc. These are not only tasty morsels, but also products that support the condition of the dog's oral cavity.

If we are not convinced by teethers, it is worth mentioning that providing the dog with such an accessory will not only take care of our pet, but will also allow him to calm down, reduce emotions and reduce the desire to destroy the home environment.

Brush your teeth

Many people do not understand that our pets also need to brush their teeth! Unfortunately, this is not a pleasant activity for an animal, so it is worth teaching a dog to it by a puppy. How to start your tooth brushing adventure? Start by gently massaging your gums with your fingers. A stimulus for a dog could be ... dog toothpaste! Purchased from pet stores or veterinarians, they not only protect your teeth, but are also a great treat. There is a wide variety of scents that can stimulate your dog's taste and compensate for any discomfort associated with this grooming. Of course, we must not forget about the brush, but only after we teach the dog to this activity.

Visit the veterinarian

Visit the veterinarian

Dogs' teeth can also break and hurt animals. To prevent this, regular visits to the veterinarian and the condition of the dog's oral cavity are necessary. If a specialist notice alarming changes, they can be successfully treated.

How do you know if a dog's tooth is broken and is causing the animal suffering? Unfortunately, it is difficult not to notice the symptoms that the condition of the four-legged friend is not very good, but most often the dog becomes apathetic, lethargic and instantly loses its appetite. This is a sign that you cannot postpone your visit to the vet!

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