Glycerin softens towels and instantly removes stains and dirt

Glycerin softens towels and instantly removes stains and dirt

Glycerin is a great example of a universal substance designed for special tasks. Among other things, it is highly valued in the cosmetics industry, as it perfectly cares for the skin - deeply moisturizes and quickly improves its condition. The benefits of glycerin are also widely used in the pharmaceutical, automotive and leather industries. However, the list of its - often amazing - applications is much longer than it seems. It turns out, among other things, very useful in daily cleaning. It easily replaces ready-made liquids, as it softens fabrics perfectly. In addition, it effectively polishes glass or mirrors and prevents stains on them. It is also the best ally in the fight against dust and stubborn stains; for example, after felt-tip pens. What else will help glycerin? How exactly to use them? The answers to these and other questions can be found below.

Pour a little glycerin into the washing machine - the laundry will be softer than ever.

Glycerin is universal, widely available and cheap. Ideal, for example, as a detergent, as it effectively softens towels and very delicate clothes, such as wool or suede. It can be used for this purpose in several ways. The easiest way is to simply pour about 3 tablespoons of glycerin into the container of the washing machine, where the liquid is usually placed, and set the device to short mode. Towels or wool sweaters washed in this way will be softer than ever. However, even better results can be obtained by soaking delicate tissues in a basin of warm water with the addition of glycerin (30 ml of glycerin is added to 3.5 liters of water). This simple procedure means that even the most demanding clothes made of suede or wool are not damaged and are very pleasant to the touch - they lose roughness and do not irritate the epidermis.

Glycerin is a persistent enemy of dust and dirt at home

Glycerin is also one of the best allies in the fight against the ubiquitous dust and dirt. It perfectly combines with water and polishes surfaces, creating a protective barrier on them. This prevents the accumulation of various deposits or dirt on them. It is best to simply add a small amount of water to a basin of water and moisten a soft cloth that is used for daily cleaning - washing furniture, panels, countertops or any equipment.

Thanks to glycerin, stains, dirt and traces of steam will disappear in no time.

Window cleaning is a hated occupation of many women and men. However, glycerin can make this tedious work much easier and more enjoyable. If you add a small amount of the substance to the water used to wash the windows (a few drops per three liters of water), you will easily prevent the accumulation of dirt or dust and the formation of streaks. The windows light up in a few minutes.

Glycerin perfectly polishes mirrors.

It is worth adding that the trick with glycerin works well when cleaning various glass surfaces, including mirrors and screens. Simply apply a little glycerin on a soft cloth and wipe it, for example, with a mirror. Stains, dust and traces of steam will disappear in the blink of an eye.

The purse and shoes shine like water

Glycerin also gives a beautiful shine to rubber accessories. Bags, rubber boots or sandals will shine if you regularly wipe them with a cloth dampened with water with a few drops of glycerin.

Glycerin removes complex stains from the felt-tip pen.

Glycerin works well in difficult situations and allows you to get rid of very difficult stains; including, made after felt-tip pens. Therefore, if children show imagination and leave colorful mazes on tables, desks or cabinets, just wipe dirty furniture with a soft cloth moistened with a few drops of glycerin. The markers will disappear in the blink of an eye.

Glycerin will refresh liquid cosmetics

Liquid cosmetics need to be refreshed more than once. And in this case, glycerin will help a lot. You just need to add a few drops of the substance to a dry lotion or shampoo and it will return to its original consistency.
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