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We are looking for effective ways to strengthen the body, especially in the autumn-winter season, when infections accompany us much more often than in other seasons of the year. We are exposed to pathogens, i.e., at work, at school, in a store, i.e., wherever there are large groups of people. Therefore, we are constantly looking for methods that will help strengthen our immunity, mainly use natural, for example, herbs to strengthen the body. How to choose good and effective drugs?

Herbs that increase immunity, which plants should be used for immunity?

The enormous strength and immunostimulatory potential are hidden in plants. Many of them have the ability to stimulate the body's natural defenses. Here are some plants that can come in handy during infection season.

Echinacea purple - available in pharmacies as ready-made extracts. It can be used to prevent colds and upper respiratory tract infections due to its immunomodulatory (immune system regulating) action. Compounds responsible for this action include, but are not limited to, polysaccharides and alkyl amides.

Acerola is a rich source of vitamin C. Fruits with a very characteristic acidic taste serve as raw materials. Acerol serves as a source for the preparation of preparations containing natural vitamin C.

Aloe - the juice obtained from aloe leaves has an immunostimulatory effect, stimulating some elements of the immune system (such as macrophages, B and T lymphocytes).

Common garlic is a plant called a natural antibiotic. The valuable ingredient found in garlic is allicin. This compound has antibacterial, antifungal and anthelmintic properties. Garlic has been valued and used in traditional medicine for many years as a raw material that supports immunity and helps fight seasonal infections.

Elderberry - both fruits and flowers of elderberry are obtained as plant raw materials. The fruit is especially rich in anthocyanins, fruit acids and vitamin C. In pharmacies, elderberry juices or syrups are popular, which strengthen the immune system. Flowers, on the other hand, contain numerous flavonoids and phenolic acids, they work, among other things, sweating and antipyretic.

What is worth remembering when using herbs for immunity?

Although herbs to strengthen the body and immunity can seem completely safe and have no side effects, it is worth remembering several important rules when using them. First, preparations of plant origin, which are used prophylactically to strengthen immunity, should not be taken constantly.

Depending on the drug you are taking/the herbal drug that promotes the immune function of the body, interruptions in its use should be taken. Constant stimulation of the immune system is not beneficial, as it can lead the body to get used to the action of the ingredient, or can even be harmful, causing overload and excessive reaction of the immune system.

It should also be remembered that not all natural drugs to strengthen the immune system and the body can be used, including for children or pregnant women. Therefore, in these groups, you should be especially careful and follow the recommendations of the manufacturer of this drug.

Herbal fees from the pharmacy.

It can be difficult to independently treat plants in such a way as to obtain appropriate medicinal raw materials from them, so it is worth using the ready-made ones available in pharmacies. Herbs for immunity. They are available in the form of tablets, juices, syrups, infusions in bags. Thus, the form of the preparation can be adapted to the age and preferences of the patient. It is worth remembering that you cannot use all drugs that stimulate immunity at once. First, due to the fact that at the same time, we do not really know what means is good and effective for us. Some plants also need to be used for a longer period of time to see the first effects. Therefore, do not be upset if after the first application you do not see the effect of taking them. The formation of immunity is a long process that requires patience.

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