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Chestnuts in September and October cover the park streets and sidewalks with green barbed balls that have brown leathery fruits. It is most commonly used by children for making chestnut puppets, but few knows that chestnuts have many advantages. Here are some amazing benefits of chestnuts.

Useful in the treatment of varicose veins

Chestnuts are useful for people who have problems with varicose veins. The use of chestnuts reduces pain, eliminates inflammation and provides significant relief.

Ointment for external use

Anti-inflammatory properties can be useful in the treatment of ulcers and frostbite. In these situations, the application of chestnut ointment will help the healing of the epidermis faster.

Prevents premature skin aging

Flavonoids contained in chestnuts prevent premature skin aging. Cosmetics with the addition of chestnuts naturally will improve the appearance of our skin and help maintain healthy and beautiful skin for a long time.

Reduces swelling

Chestnut can be used to reduce the swelling that occurs after injuries or bruises. This is especially suitable for athletes who are very likely to be injured.

Useful for men

Compounds contained in chestnuts increase sperm density, which is associated with improved male fertility. Due to this natural way, the body is not exposed to the next dose of drugs that usually damage the liver.

Brings relief from painful muscle spasms

Chestnut tree improves blood supply and elasticity of blood vessels, and thus relieves frequent muscle spasms. Used with magnesium, for example, it eliminates the problem in no time.

Reduces menstrual pain

Horse chestnut leaf extract helps women with dysmenorrhea. Thanks to painkillers, we naturally get rid of the annoying pain.

Treatment of hemorrhoids

Chestnuts have a tart effect and can therefore be used to treat hemorrhoids. However, the use of chestnut ointment for hemorrhoids should be consulted with a doctor.


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