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4 tips to save money

4 tips to save money

Everyone wants to have money, but not everyone can win the lottery. It remains only to restructure your thinking about money. Here are some tips on how to reduce costs, and at the same time earn.

1. Improving the quality of robots

Your job is the most important source of cash flow. The crisis has taught us to change the approach to work. This is what work is our main important income, and therefore we must consider all the basic details and change the internal stereotypes of our lives. We can not afford sudden movements. What does it mean? Well, unfortunately - we can not spend more than we wanted.

 Luck factor

If you are planning to do some work “just for the money”, remember one thing: money is correlated with a feeling of happiness only to a certain level. More money, nothing changes. If you love your job, you earn enough to be able to pay bills, installments, gasoline in a car tank and get some pleasure from time to time, which does not involve finding a new job. Especially, sometimes you comprehend that motivation is purely financial in nature. According to the survey, the atmosphere at work is especially important for women, despite higher salaries, you will be unhappy.

One hour of your work is worth ...

 Here is a quick way to convert how much your work time is worth. Please refer to your tax return and see how much you earned during the year. Subtract the last three zeros and divide this number by two. For example, if the amount is 40,000 hryvnias minus three zeros and dividing into two of 40, then your work hour costs 20 hryvnias. This is good or bad for you to decide.

Know your price in the labor market

Do you deserve more than you earn? Or perhaps you undeservedly pay a lot? In any case, you must know how your skills are valued in the labor market. This may add to your confidence or motivate you to make an additional learning decision, which will increase the value of your income.

2. Regular savings of the graph of calories in hryvnias, how is it?

Studies have shown that people on a diet keep a record of what and when they eat, forcing them to be most resistant to compliance. The same applies to expenses. Most people do not have the slightest consideration like this. Spend less than you earn. In weight loss, you burn more than you consume. Easy way? In addition, costs: when you spend less, you save.

The amount of small payments

We hope that you do not smoke and avoid various ways of unhealthy stimulants. But if there is something like that, it would be a good motivation, than to make a purchase, put money into a piggy bank, which will give you the opportunity to save money without buying a pack of cigarettes a day, or your favorite chocolate. After a certain period, the sum of savings can be several thousand hryvnias.

 Money for a rainy day

The refrigerator broke, the pipe burst, you broke a tooth. It is this dark streak of bad luck. You must have deferred money. Magical depreciation is not a dark period of time - it should be as clear as the hallway of the morning day. Do not envy others - they live on credit, Envy eats you when you see a new car or your friend's house? In 9 out of 10 bought on credit. Every time you get an unpleasant feeling of envy, remember that you have a choice: either buy things that you can not afford, or have freedom. They will pay for years.

3. Budgeting

The seller is not your friend; we go shopping for many reasons, for example, we feel lonely or depressed, and we want to mingle with the crowd. The shop seller or saleswoman pleasantly literally flooded us with their hospitality. This is dangerous when we feel bad, because our ability to control impulses and assertiveness weakens. It works, the mechanism of "reciprocity", and as a result I came out in my new blouse, which I do not need, because we did not want to offend the seller. Remember also that a 5% discount is not sufficient reason to buy. You will end up with a wardrobe full of things you don’t need.

4. The voice of reason

Big money can fool even the clever. Not tempted by the purchase of lotteries, large sums of blinding, and do not give to hear the quiet voice of reason, think about it when someone offers you big profits with a small investment. Can you afford the risk of not losing the money that you have.