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 We all know the dilemma: too little time and not enough desire to put the apartment in order, but the visit of the guests is already approaching. Fortunately, there are a few useful tricks that will make your four walls very neat without much effort!

1. Make sure nothing is lying

It’s enough if there is a stack of books in the living room or your shoes are lying in the corridor so that the guests rate your apartment as untidy. You will see that it is of great importance if you put everything in its place!

2. Clean the bathroom mirror and sink

If you expect an unexpected visit, there is usually too little time to clean the entire bathroom. It is usually sufficient to simply clean the mirror and sink. Then the bathroom looks absolutely clean and sterile.

3. Hide dirty dishes

This may seem strange at first, but if you don’t have time to wash, you just need to hide the dirty dishes. And yes, the good old oven is still the best shelter. Or have you ever had a visitor who suddenly inspected an oven? Do not forget to wash the dirty dishes later!

4. Gather paper and staple it together

It is clear that the paper simply lies somewhere incoherently or neatly stacked on top of each other. This works best with an elastic band and a sticker on which you then record the current date. This way, you are guaranteed to find important documents again. Of course, it would be better if you put everything right in the folders.

5. Understand things

The longer you live in the same apartment, the more things accumulate. These are mainly clothes, shoes and various things. Set aside time regularly to figure out things that take up a lot of space and you no longer need.

6. Wipe the counter tops and kitchen appliances

When you cook a lot, dirt builds up quickly on work surfaces, stoves and kitchen appliances. Therefore, you just have to clean your kitchen again after every cooking to feel comfortable. Moreover, so many microbes are accumulating!

7. Eliminate unpleasant odors

Yes, taking out the trash is annoying, and yes, we basically avoid it. But it is much more pleasant if your apartment smells fresh and clean.

8. Make a bed

 This not only contributes to the appearance of the apartment. Thus, you are guaranteed to be happy when you go to bed in the evening, and your bed is already tidy. You sleep much better!

9. Decorate your apartment

Unleash your creativity! Be it candles, flowers, vases, books, pillows - there are many ways to make your four walls more comfortable and, above all, cleaner. Especially neatly draped sofa cushions matter!

10. Close all open doors and drawers

When the drawers and cabinet doors are open, it looks dirtier. Therefore, you must make sure that everything is always cleaned and closed. The overall impression is greatly improved! And you do not need to clean it every day.