When can you start losing weight after pregnancy? Do not go crazy!

When can you start losing weight after pregnancy? Do not go crazy!

The postpartum period lasts 6 weeks, but a woman's body takes a year to fully return to its pre-pregnancy shape. Keep this in mind before embarking on intense exercise. Mom! Relax - losing weight after pregnancy can really wait! And you don't go crazy, you finally did a great job.

Postpartum abdominal exercises - when and how to start? Therefore, this time I would like to draw your attention to the health aspects that should be considered before starting to lose weight after pregnancy. So remember about the breakdown of the rectus abdominis muscles, possible vitamin deficiencies during pregnancy, the course of childbirth, and problems with the spine.

That is all. How did it happen that concern for the mind and heart was replaced by a beautiful figure? Clothing size and waist circumference have become decisive for whether we can cope with a mother's role, that is, whether we take care not only of the child and the house but also whether we have complete control over our body.
I ignore the fact that some of the athletic figures that are so eagerly displayed on the Internet are not so much because of hard exercise, but because of Photoshop.

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Source: https://sovetplus.com/en/health/six-myths-about-metabolismIt seems to me that your motivation is of great importance here. So ask yourself what is important to you: a healthy body or an appearance? Ideally, you can combine the two. But striving to have the perfect body is fraught with frustration. Especially when, despite the killer workouts, you don't have a flat stomach like popular fitness trainers or actresses.

The yo-yo effect is also more common when your food choices are not a result of a need for a balanced diet, but a result of not eating certain foods for fear of extra pounds.

So, again: before you go to the treadmill, take care of your attitude - instead of a short-term "beach" project, I recommend you a life-long "healthy body" project.

How to lose weight after pregnancy? First, be careful!

How to lose weight after pregnancy? First, be careful!

Visit the gynecologist

Your gynecologist should check if everything healed well after giving birth. In the case of a cesarean section, not only the scar visible on the abdomen is assessed, but above all on the pelvic muscle. Getting the green light from your doctor is essentially the most important thing before you start exercising.

Physiotherapist consultation

A flat stomach after pregnancy is the dream of all young mothers. A common mistake is to do dozens of "squats" that have been known since school days. These exercises will only make the situation worse.

The pregnant belly causes the transverse abdominal muscles (the two lobes along the navel) to separate. Some women have practically no separation, while others have to deal with even a few centimeters of separation. In this case, regular twists will only deepen them.

If you have not consulted a physical therapist at the hospital, you can always try to assess your disorder yourself or make an appointment with a specialist. You will receive a specially selected set of exercises that activate the deep and pelvic floor muscles at this meeting.

How to get a flat stomach after pregnancy?

How to get a flat stomach after pregnancy?

Currently, the fitness room offers have been supplemented with classes specially prepared for mothers who want to get back in shape after childbirth. Usually, you can take your child with you to such classes!

If this is too difficult a logistic journey for you, try to save time or take care of your child in one lesson and memorize as much as possible. Later, you will be able to do most of the exercises at home.

There are also many mum workout kits on the internet, but in this case, I would advise you to research the trainer (if he is a real specialist) before trusting him or her.

Weight loss after pregnancy and back pain

The belly during pregnancy puts a lot of stress on the spine, if combined with frequent feeding or sleeping with the baby (and feeding all night), you may develop muscle tension and back pain. Stretching every day is usually sufficient. In a steep version, procedures with a physiotherapist will bring relief. In any case, before starting classes, it is better to take care of your spine in advance, because here you can also harm yourself. Especially when you think about weight training (dumbbells, barbells, and bodybuilding).

Balanced diet

If you are preparing to fight the extra pounds after pregnancy, it is good to get proper blood tests. This way you can check if you have a vitamin deficiency after pregnancy. This is very important if you have had this problem during pregnancy.

It may be worth expanding your diet with specific foods or supplementing with vitamins - the doctor will decide. Remember that a healthy body can handle heavy loads better.


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