Forbidden topic - chest after pregnancy. is it so bad?

Forbidden topic - chest after pregnancy. is it so bad?

I have no good news. The breasts will change their appearance after pregnancy. After giving birth, breastfeeding will not help either. However, this is a normal process, and it is unlikely that any of the moms will get away with it. However, if you change your habits early and incorporate proper care, chances are small losses.
How your breasts will change is an individual matter. If you had medium to large breasts before pregnancy, the effect of gravity may be more noticeable to you. Owners of small sizes also notice changes, but more often-positive ones - they acquire rounded beautiful breasts, as long as there are no stretch marks.

There is one plus in all this: getting your breasts back into shape is up to you and your hard work. Unless you decide to entrust your fate to the surgeon, but this is an option for the brave.

How does the breast change after childbirth and pregnancy?

How does the breast change after childbirth and pregnancy?
Even if for some reason you cannot breastfeed your baby, its shape will change from the first months of pregnancy, so the topic of breastfeeding during / after pregnancy applies to all mothers.

Once you become pregnant, hormones are rapidly produced, including progesterone and estrogen, which are responsible for the growth of breast lobes and milk production. As a result, the breasts increase in volume throughout the pregnancy. Sometimes it happens so quickly that stretch marks appear.
On the other hand, at the end of breastfeeding, the breast loses milk and fat, and the skin remains stretched, which does not look very attractive.

How to take care of your breasts during pregnancy? What to do to minimize losses?

Do not wait to see how much your breast will be losing and start breastfeeding from the first months of pregnancy.
Here are a few things to remember to keep your breasts in their best shape.
1. A well-fitting bra.
Recently, like mushrooms after rain, new lingerie stores have been created, offering services in the field of bras, that is, professional help in choosing the right bra. There is a lot to enjoy here, because with the help of a specialist, you may find that you have still worn the wrong bra and your breasts may look even better.
A bra is definitely not a good fit if there is room in it or if your bust barely fits into it and looks like it is trying to get out of it. Check your underwear and get rid of too small or oversized bras. Do not throw them away, but save them for future use. They can come in handy after pregnancy, when the bust returns to its previous size, provided the correct circumference under the bust.

How do you know a good bra?

A good bra does not have to flatten the breasts or stand out. Its role is to support the chest and relieve stress from the spine. When putting on a bra, do not forget to "lift" the breast from under the armpits. Women with impressive breasts know what is happening, because, without straining, she scatters to the sides.
The only downside to good bras is the price. However, if you think this will be your most used piece of clothing, it is worth reaching for your wallet. Yet - sports bras of a strict cut look beautiful in the photos, but the best solution would be a prefabricated option that perfectly holds the bust, and you can jump in it at will.

2. Exercises for the bust.

If the gynecologist sees no contraindications, you can try exercises with dumbbells (in the home version, water bottles are suitable).
The trained chest muscles had better support the bust.
The internet is teeming with exercise kits. An alternative would be a fitness room with classes for pregnant women. In addition, most importantly, do not give up on good breast care habits even after pregnancy. Then your breasts, tired of lactation, will need them even more.

3. Alternating hot and cold showers.

The alternation of warm and cold showers perfectly improves blood circulation and breast firmness. Direct the stream of water from the bottom of the chest to the top. Complete the entire procedure with a cold shower. The effects are satisfactory, but in the autumn-winter period, it is difficult to convince someone of this. The hot tub and warm robe win out.

How to keep breasts after childbirth?

1. Breast massage

You need an escort for the massage - this is a luxurious option. In the basic version, your hands and vitamin C lotion / oil or hyaluronic acid gel are enough. You can find training videos online, and the best way to get started is to "pull" your breasts up from your armpits. This is a good workout and a guarantee that you will remember it by wearing a bra. Do not forget about the decollete area during the massage. This will prevent the bust from falling.

2. Bra around the clock

If, right after returning from work, you jumped into comfortable sweatpants, took off your bra and let go of your chest, now you have to forget about it. Breast after pregnancy is more demanding. It's time to change your habits and stay in your bra.
Uncomfortable underwire can be replaced with a sports bra for comfort.

In a properly fitted bra, Cooper's ligaments (connective tissue that helps maintain the integrity of the breast) are restored. Their shape resembles a spring that stretches when the bust is not supported, hence the important role of the bra.
A bra that you wear constantly, including at night, prevents the bust from splashing out and excessively stretching it while sleeping on your stomach. It is recommended to completely abandon this pose,

3. Avoid sudden weight fluctuations

Rapid weight gain leads to stretching and sagging of the skin, as well as sagging breasts. Likewise, when you decide to lose those extra pounds as quickly, your breasts will appear saggy.

A woman's body changes during pregnancy. Most of the changes are caused by a hormonal storm that occurs during pregnancy, puerperal, and breastfeeding. Getting back into shape can be much easier if you use aesthetic solutions. It is also important to properly care for the skin during pregnancy, which will not only improve its elasticity and prevent the appearance of stretch marks, but also accelerate the effect of the therapy suggested by the doctor.

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