Yellow, brown or black? What does the change in nail color mean?

Yellow, brown or black? What does the change in nail color mean?

Healthy nails are shiny and slightly pink. Certain stimulants, such as smoking, frequent use of nail polish, or age, can significantly alter their appearance. However, sometimes a discoloration of the nail plate portends more serious changes in the body. What you should pay attention to?
Most nail problems are caused by poor nutrition. Lack of nutrients leads to a significant weakening of the plate, it becomes weak, brittle and even "cracked". Changes in the surface of the nail can be the result of exposure to moisture, high or very low temperatures. Frequent contact with chemicals, staining of nails (some colored varnishes applied directly to a “clean” nail plate without a protective base can discolor it) and the use of acetone removers greatly weaken the nail structure. The lack of proper hygiene and hand care is also important.

The color of the nail plate - what does it mean?

The discoloration of the nail should be a cause for concern. The new color does not always speak of "only" vitamin deficiency, sometimes it portends more serious changes in the body. The presence of spots (usually white) or a complete discoloration of the plate to yellow, brown, black, green or gray-blue requires a doctor's consultation.
A yellow discoloration is very common when smoking cigarettes and frequent coloring of nails in various shades of red. The yellow color of the nail plate can be a side effect of taking certain medications; this color appears on the nails of people suffering from jaundice, psoriasis, mycosis.
Brown plaque can be caused by medication and is sometimes experienced by people with thyroid problems, malnourishment, or heavy smokers.
The color change to green is a consequence of a bacterial infection. Pathogens usually enter the body as a result of a cut, improperly performed cosmetic procedure, or too frequent hand soaking.
Blue-gray nails are, among other things, a symptom of poisoning. Silver. Antimalarial drugs can have a similar effect, sometimes the nails of people who have serious problems with blood circulation and metabolic disorders - Wilson's disease (more about the disease here) take this color.
Black nails indicate mild injury or chemicals. A dark streak under the plaque can be a sign of extremely rare under-nail melanoma.
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