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Onion syrup is an all-natural remedy for infections and colds that has been used in natural medicine for centuries. Thanks to a substantial dose of valuable vitamins (C, A, B1, B2 and PP) and essential minerals (zinc, phosphorus, selenium, iron and calcium), it stimulates and enhances the body's immunity. Onion syrup also has cleansing, antibacterial and expectorant properties, which effectively fights coughs and supports the treatment of diseases of the upper respiratory tract and urinary system. This is probably why our grandmothers willingly used it during the flu season. How to make onion syrup? Why add garlic and lemon juice to it? When is the best time to take it? Is it safe for children? Answers to these questions and some tips can be found below.

Onion syrup: a storehouse of vitamins and minerals

Onion syrup: a storehouse of vitamins and minerals
Onions - like garlic or ginger - are a treasure trove of vitamins and minerals, and due to their wide range of properties, they are considered an effective and completely natural antibiotic. It provides, among other things, a substantial amount of vitamin C, thanks to which it strengthens and stimulates the body's immunity. Onion-based syrup has bactericidal, antiviral, expectorant and anti-inflammatory properties, which is why its consumption is especially recommended in the autumn-winter period.
Onion syrup loses secretions in the throat and supports the treatment of persistent coughs, both dry and wet. In addition, it proves to be extremely useful in the treatment of infections and diseases of the upper respiratory tract such as sore throat, laryngitis, pharyngitis and sinusitis. Due to its rich content of iron and flavonoids, it is also ideal for anemia and diseases of the urinary system.

Onion syrup: an excellent antiseptic

Onion syrup is not only an effective natural antibiotic, but also an excellent antiseptic that can be used externally. It speeds up wound healing, provides relief in the treatment of burns, soothes pain from insect bites and supports the treatment of skin infections. The benefits of onion syrup also include the fact that it is completely safe and can be used by adults as well as children and the elderly.

How to make onion syrup?

How to make onion syrup?
The basic version of onion syrup is easy to prepare. It is enough to peel two or three onions from the shell, chop finely, transfer to a jar and sprinkle abundantly with sugar. Finally, the jar should be covered with a plate or other lid and set aside for several hours until the vegetable juices out. At this stage, the natural product is ready for consumption.

How to make garlic lemon onion syrup?

The effect of onions can be enhanced by adding another natural antibiotic to it - garlic and lemon juice. You only need 3-4 onions, peel and cut into slices. Then transfer to a jar and cover generously with sugar. The bank should be closed and set aside for a few hours. When juice comes out of the syrup, pour it through cheesecloth and add a few minced or minced garlic cloves and lemon juice.

Why add honey to onion syrup?

Add honey instead of sugar to onion syrup. Thanks to this simple trick, the mixture will acquire additional properties - it will perfectly restore the liver and act against diarrhea.

Onion syrup for children

Onion syrup is completely natural and safe, so it can also be used by children over one-year-old, especially when they are tired of the constant cough. The recommended maximum dose is one teaspoon of syrup three times a day. It is worth remembering that onion syrup has an expectorant effect, so you need to take it at least two hours before bedtime.

How to store onion syrup?

How to store onion syrup?
Onion syrup is best stored in a glass jar. It retains its beneficial properties for up to several days (up to two weeks), but it must be stored in the refrigerator. It breaks down very quickly when exposed to temperature.

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