How to recognize an excess of toxins in the body?

How to recognize an excess of toxins in the body?

Our body is designed in such a way that it perfectly neutralizes and removes toxins. Unfortunately, unhealthy diets, medications and supplements, or overuse of cosmetics can be too heavy a burden. The kidneys, liver, intestines and even skin are affected the most. Preservatives, pesticides, and chemical compounds in medicines can even contribute to diseases of some organs responsible for detoxification. We are also constantly exposed to dioxins, VOCs, mold and heavy metals. A poorly balanced diet rich in animal products that upset the acid-base balance also negatively affects our body. Check what are the symptoms of excess toxins in the body.

Skin symptoms of excess toxins in the body

Many toxins are eliminated from the body through sweat - through the sweat glands. Therefore, an excess of harmful substances in the body can manifest itself on the skin. We should be concerned about difficult-to-heal wounds and irritations, recurring acne and eczema, rashes, or excessive drying of the skin. Mycosis of the skin can also indicate an imbalance in the body.

Plaque on the tongue and bad breath

Detoxification problems can also be indicated by a white or yellow coating on the tongue. This is a common symptom of digestive problems - the pancreas, intestines and liver can be congested. Another symptom is recurrent constipation, a consequence of bowel dysfunction. Also worried about bad breath and a metallic taste on the tongue. This is often the case with weakened liver or kidney problems

Weakened immunity

The excess of harmful substances in the body also weakens the immune system. More frequent viral or fungal infections, milder colds, sinus pain, or joint problems are common. Eating a lot of highly processed foods also increases the risk of recurring headaches or nasty migraines (it is suspected that some preservatives, monosodium glutamate or aspartame, an artificial sweetener found, in particular, in calorie-free drinks, may affect this). Weakened immunity is also associated with poor bowel health, which are the first to signal the need to fight harmful microorganisms.

Bad smell and excess of toxins in the body

If the kidneys fail to filter and eliminate toxins, our body can smell bad. Harmful substances are removed with the help of sweat glands. In this case, your feet may smell especially bad.

Sleep problems and excess toxins

The accumulation of toxins in the body also affects our well-being. It lowers mood, drains energy and manifests itself in apathy. Increased nervousness and trouble concentrating are also common. Many people complain of chronic fatigue and drowsiness, as well as trouble falling asleep at the same time. This is the effect of enhancing the work of the liver and intestines. It is worth knowing that an excess of harmful substances in the body contributes to anxiety and even depression.

Tendency to be overweight and increased appetite

An excess of toxins in the body disrupts the digestive and digestive systems. There is flatulence and constipation, characteristic of the so-called lazy intestines. At the same time, they are accompanied by an increased appetite (especially for carbohydrates and fats), which can lead to obesity and obesity. This is facilitated by impaired absorption of nutrients. Some toxins also tend to build up in adipose tissue  (pesticides).
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