How is rheumatoid arthritis treated?

How is rheumatoid arthritis treated?

There are many medications for rheumatoid arthritis, but none of them can completely eliminate your pain attacks. However, I have good news for you. There are several ways to reduce this pain and even prevent it from recurring in the future. Below you will find ten of the most important ones. Follow the instructions provided and you will soon feel relieved.

Protect your joints

The most important thing to do is protect your joints, even those that are currently asymptomatic. Also pay attention to them when doing small tasks. Instead of lifting a heavy pot, slide it across the table, push the door with your shoulder, not your hand, and press the book to your palm rather than grabbing it with your fingers.

Beginning of work

Exercise is the key to preventing joint pain. In addition, they will give you more energy and improve your mood. Walking, cycling, swimming - done for half an hour three times a week can relieve pain for a long time. But check with your doctor first to make sure these activities are right for you. At the same time, avoid lifting heavy objects. Before starting a regular workout, check how movement affects you. If you feel pain for more than an hour after exercising, then you have strained yourself too much. Also, do not exercise when your joints are sore and take a break when you feel pain. Change your posture from time to time, even when performing daily tasks such as gardening or cooking.


If you are not currently suffering from joint pain, try to stretch each joint every day until it is painless. People with rheumatoid arthritis suffer the most from morning stiffness. So, take a warm shower and then do a series of stretching exercises to relax them for the rest of the day.

Don't forget to rest

Rest is important for people with rheumatoid arthritis. Taking a break will relax your mind, relax your joints, relieve pain, and reduce the fatigue often associated with this condition.
The amount of rest depends on the patient's personal endurance. However, it is important that this does not last too long, as it can negatively affect your health. So combine rest with exercise.

Take a warm bath or shower

Heat combined with moisture is excellent for relieving joint pain. A warm bath, shower, or soaking your hands in warm water can help relieve pain. You can also apply hot compresses to your joints for 10-15 minutes (for example, helium bags or heating mats). Combined with a damp cloth, they temporarily soothe pain.

Try a paraffin bath

If you suffer from joint pain in your hands or feet, paraffin baths can help reduce inflammation. This method is often used for sports injuries. It works better than a warm compress because when you dip your hands or feet in paraffin, the heat also spreads around your toes. You can easily buy the paraffin bath needed for this treatment online.

Equip a cane

Many people think of a cane as a sign of disability, but if it helps relieve joint pain, what difference does it make? You can buy a suitable cane at a health care store. This will help reduce stress on your legs, hips and ankles by up to 20%.

Lose those extra pounds

Being overweight puts too much stress on the knee, hip and lumbosacral joints. What's more, adipose tissue can produce chemicals that make inflammation worse. This results in an aggravation of the course of the disease.

Use ergonomic cooking utensils

There are special kitchen utensils such as knives, openers, cutlery specially designed for people with joint problems and for the elderly. They have large handles, an ergonomic shape and contoured handles. They facilitate daily activities without unnecessary strain on the joints. These accessories are easy to buy online.

Count on yourself

It is difficult to tell when the pain will hit and your joints will become stiff and swollen. For this reason, you should always be prepared for this turn of events. Remember to perform only those actions that you can interrupt at any time. Spread out what you need to do over several days. When you exercise, you don't have to complete the entire 30-minute workout at once. You might as well break it down into 3 workouts of 10 minutes each.
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