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Knee pains are a disease to which people of all age are subject.

Both young and elderly people can be subject to this disease.

In the first case the knee pain is usually connected with an accidental trauma whereas after fifty years very possibly that the main reason for a problem is connected with other pathologies, such as osteoarthritis.

Knee pains

You can feel an intensive, acute pain in a knee both in young, and at advanced age.

Especially, if during life you practiced intensive sports activity and therefore pathology could be shown more sharply.

Sometimes, really, knee pain can be followed by other symptoms, such as hypostasis, reddening of the struck part and strong feeling of heat.

It happens because of the continuing inflammation which, in addition to just mentioned problems, can also cause weakness in joints or restriction of normal movements.

Knee pains at elderly people

Because of physiological loss of thickness of a cartilage and, as a result, decrease in elasticity of tissues of joint, on reaching certain age there can be the general deterioration in a condition of a joint.

It occurs because bones aren't protected from normal friction of joints anymore and, therefore, are exposed to remodeling because of lower mechanical efficiency.

The problem of weight loss is detected in men after fifty years earlier and becomes a usual state when to him for sixty.

The reason for which deterioration in a condition of joints is obvious is generally connected with their natural friction and can be aggravated with some risk factors, such as excess weight.

As knee pain at arthrosis is shown

In an initial phase of pathology, the osteoarthrosis is shown only in one knee, but eventually you can also feel pain in a contralateral knee which is exposed to bigger loading because of the changed movement (inevitably when you can't use, I cured the affected joint).

Knee pain can be very severe, up to serious problems, such as impossibility to go, make movements even without loading or to get out of a bed or a chair.

In the most serious situations, the pain can affect also other parts of a body, such as ligaments and tendons capable to cause spasms and contractures which extend to muscles of a hip and a leg.

Knee pains at elderly: diagnosis

If you feel knee pain, and you notice that the knee became feeble and unstable, you need to visit the orthopedist repeatedly.

For diagnosis of osteoarthrosis of a knee joint of rather, orthopedic inspection with X-ray. If the doctor suspects more serious problem, such as arthritis, gout or another, he can appoint to you additional more detailed laboratory researches.

After you're diagnosed real presence of osteoarthrosis, you have to have a rest during an initial stage of a bad attack (which usually lasts from one to three days) because the movement can strengthen inflammation.

In case pain is especially severe and results in disability, the orthopedist can consider the possibility of partial or full carrying out the surgical intervention called endoprosthesis replacement. In the first case a part of a joint will be replaced with artificial limbs, in the second case they will make total replacement.

How to cope with knee pain

To prevent knee pain and to slow down her natural evolution, you need to help yourself, doing sports.

It never has to be too intensive, but for the rest harmonious and balanced.

Regular jobs by sport allow maintaining health of cartilages and to improve work of joints.

The muscles which are exposed to physical exercises become stronger, and, therefore, cartilages and tendons will be able to absorb loading.

Among the exercises which are the most suitable for osteoarthritis there are exercises on an extension which are carried out on the earth or in water, the yoga is very useful to relaxation and at the same time to some movements.

One more means of restriction of pain is the elastic tape which, strong holding a joint, allows reducing pain.

Ideal bed when you are hurt by knees

It is very important to have the correct mattress which will allow you to have a rest well even in situations of severe pain.

The mattress has to have a certain thickness that it was easier for you to get up, avoiding painful attacks.

If you're the elderly person, you also have to have a motorized orthopedic grid which will help you easier to rise, the grid is also the excellent device for trouble-free raising of an upper body.

When the orthopedist diagnosed osteoarthrosis and demands rest, you have to try to strain a knee as little as possible.

If you don't like to lie in a bed, try a chair for a relaxation with the lifting mechanism equipped with the special mechanism allowing to rise without straining legs.

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