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Many of us cannot imagine starting the day without stimulating coffee. In the meantime, it turns out that there are far more effective ways to increase alertness and overcome drowsiness than a cup of small black tea.

Experts advise on what foods to use to maintain a constant energy level - from morning to evening. It is important to note that these foods are a rich source of valuable nutrients.

Although we usually gravitate towards a cup of coffee when energy levels are low, there are more effective methods for increasing energy levels. It is enough to take care of the regularity of our meals and include foods that support our concentration in a healthy and natural way and increase our vitality. “If you take too long breaks between meals, you will get uncomfortable feelings of tiredness and weakness. We recommend three meals a day and two snacks a day, said nutritionist Amy Gorin.

Products from decay and lack of energy

So what should appear on our menu if we suffer from decay and lack of energy? First, it is worth enriching the menu with black beans. “Not only is it tasty and versatile, it is also rich in valuable ingredients. It is a fantastic combination of protein, gut-friendly fiber, and brain-nourishing carbohydrates. Black beans also contain iron, which plays an important role in strengthening your intestines. The expert adds that a black bean-based meal will work especially well after a workout as it instantly replenishes protein and carbohydrate stores, preventing sudden weakness and drowsiness.

Bananas have similar properties, which can be used both as a nutritional supplement to morning oatmeal and as a stand-alone snack. “This fruit is a great proposition for people looking for a quick boost of energy. They contain fructose, which is converted into glucose into the bloodstream, where our cells, especially our brain cells, can use it to get the energy they need quickly.

Studies have shown that bananas are a great alternative to popular sports drinks because they contain valuable vitamins and potassium, which supplies the brain with oxygen, explains Price.

If we do not have an idea for a healthy and energetic snack, let us grab pistachios. “They are a source of protein, amino acids, healthy fats and fiber. This combination makes you feel fuller longer after consuming them. One quarter of a glass of pistachios contains a whopping six grams of protein, says Gorin. In addition, he adds that when drawing up a menu that increases energy, one should not forget about water. Inadequate hydration can often cause fatigue. “When we don't provide the body with fluids, oxygen doesn't get where it should be fast enough. A glass of water acts as a charge of energy, whether you are thirsty or not, the expert concludes.

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