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This awkward problem affects about 50% of people in the world, generally adult. Pain, an itch and bleeding are the most common symptoms. Learn what else symptoms are, what of them are dangerous. Effective methods of treatment of hemorrhoids are often house means. Get acquainted with all. Learn also what methods are offered by modern medicine.

House hemorrhoids medicines: what are hemorrhoids? What are their symptoms?

Hemorrhoids are a disease of back pass, which is the last part of a digestive tract. It consists in overflow of subauriculate small knots of blood. The effect is similar to a varicosity standing. Hemorrhoids can remain in an anus and can drop out of an anus. In the latter case, they are visible on skin.

The most common symptoms of hemorrhoids are:

  • pain and irritation in anal area;
  • itch and burning around an anus
  • bleeding is fresher, bright blood. At low intensity of a disease, it will be blood strips on toilet paper, at high degree of a disease blood will get to a toilet bowl;
  • loss of gemorroidalny knot out of limits of back pass.

Whether the last symptom is dangerous? To learn, read further.

House hemorrhoids medicines: when hemorrhoids are dangerous? Who treats hemorrhoids?

First, it should be noted that hemorrhoids are seldom dangerous. However, they can't be underestimated. The visit to the doctor is necessary. Who treats hemorrhoids? Proctologist. Why the visit to the doctor is necessary? Because sometimes symptoms of hemorrhoids mask more serious diseases – new growths. Survey at the expert is necessary for their exception.

The clot can be formed in the dropping-out hemorrhoids. This very painful complication. It demands both introduction of drugs, and the procedure.

Usually, bleeding hemorrhoids don't lead to anemia (anemia). However, sometimes bleeding so strong that results of blood tests draw attention of the doctor.

You can easily answer the question "when hemorrhoids are dangerous?". For this purpose, it is worth addressing the proctologist. Perhaps, your doctor can recommend the drugs released without prescription or readily available ointments. Besides, you will be sure that it is not cancer.

House hemorrhoids medicines: how to cope with symptoms?

House hemorrhoids medicines: how to cope with symptoms?

You already know that pain and discomfort are hemorrhoids symptoms. There are house means for simplification of these illnesses, but they demand your commitment:

  • in case of a pressure on a chair don't wait, at once go to a bathroom. Secondly, plan to go to a bathroom after a meal. Intestines will pay back you with the fact that during this period most often there is a depletion of intestines;
  • sedentary baths on infusion of oak bark – to apply them several times a day, 10 minutes;
  • for severe pain, it is possible to put a package of ice;
  • try to do sports, 20-30 minutes a day it, on the one hand, aren't enough, but it is a lot of for your intestines. Walking, dances, the Scandinavian walking – here some offers;
  • try to sit on a pillow, but not on firm surfaces.

Treatment of hemorrhoids is also a diet. It is effective at any of four degrees of a disease! What the diet is? With the high content of cellulose!

Cellulose, cellulose and once again cellulose. The best sources are fresh fruit and vegetables. You have to increase the amount of cellulose slowly. Optimum quantity – 25-30 grams a day. At the same time, surely drink a lot of liquid. On the other hand, avoid some hot spices and alcohol. It is proved that he increases bleeding.

House hemorrhoids medicines:

Without prescription drugs from hemorrhoids. It is worth looking!

Is much without prescription drugs from hemorrhoids. It:

  • suppositories and creams. They may contain knitting, anesthetizing, resolvents, and in case of infection – antibiotics;
  • routine derivatives which pressurize walls of blood vessels.

Surgical procedures at hemorrhoids are performed with use of a rubber tape, the syringe, a scalpel, the laser, cold or heat. It is interesting that the first of these methods is known more 2000. Now his use is natural, more safely and more effectively.

A half of people in the world has hemorrhoids. It is the fact. It is also the fact that now there is a set of methods of fight against this disease. If they work for you, use sockets. Perhaps, you will be helped by suppositories. Too, it is good. If it seems that nothing helps, look at the diet. Correct the habits. Remember that the intervention medicine can also offer a lot of things. You shouldn't suffer.

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