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Cabbage juice: properties and uses

Cabbage juice: properties and uses

Cabbage juice - both sauerkraut and fresh cabbage has wonderful healing properties. It has a great effect on bowel function, strengthens the immune system, reduces the risk of stomach ulcers and even slows down the aging process. It has a positive effect on the work of the heart and helps with alcohol poisoning. However, these are far from all the benefits of cabbage juice. Find out why you should drink it regularly and how to prepare it. Find out which cabbage is best for this purpose.

Cabbage juice for intestines and immunity

Sauerkraut juice is a natural probiotic that restores the natural intestinal flora. Thanks to this, it not only improves their work, but also stimulates the reproduction of beneficial bacteria. Thus, it sensationally strengthens our immunity - the intestines are the first to "detect" harmful microorganisms and send the appropriate signal to the immune system. Cabbage juice is also rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, which reduce inflammation in the body and boost immunity. It is worth drinking especially after antibiotic therapy.

Cabbage juice for detoxification and weight loss

The substances contained in cabbage juice reduce the acidity of the body, regulate the digestive system and at the same time protect against constipation, which is often found during a restorative diet. Regular consumption of cabbage juice quickly helps to get rid of excess water from the body and reduces puffiness on the body. The juice is low in calories and speeds up metabolism.

Cabbage juice for stomach ulcers.

When used regularly, it may reduce the risk of stomach and duodenal cancer. Thanks to its cleansing properties, it also supports kidney and liver function.

Sauerkraut juice from fungi and parasites

The low pH of sauerkraut juice helps to remove parasites and fungi from the body. The lactic acid bacteria contained in this drink are effective against the popular fungi, i.e. yeast.

Cabbage juice for migraines and alcohol poisoning

Cabbage contains many substances that have anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. For many years, compresses made from its leaves have been used for headaches and joint pains. Drinking the juice of this valuable vegetable also reduces headaches and other unpleasant symptoms of alcohol poisoning (helps with a hangover).

Cabbage juice and cancer

There are also signs that cabbage juice, thanks to its chemical compounds, supports the body in fighting certain types of cancer, and may also reduce the risk of hormone-dependent cancers such as breast, prostate, testicular and ovarian cancers. Fresh cabbage juice is also beneficial during chemotherapy - it strengthens the entire body and reduces stomach discomfort.

How to use cabbage juice?

For juicing, cabbage is best chosen with a firm, compact head of cabbage (a loose head of cabbage may indicate excessive nitrogen fertilization). The easiest way to get juice is to use a blender: chop the leaves into smaller pieces, just mix with a little water and then pass through a sieve. You need to drink fresh. The real vitamin bomb, however, is sauerkraut juice, which is best drunk on an empty stomach and in small amounts before or after meals.


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