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17 effective tips for lip care

17 effective tips for lip care

If you want beautiful, well-groomed lips, you don't have to spend a fortune on a makeup bag or expensive makeup. Introducing 17 home remedies for well-groomed, moisturized lips. Thanks to this list, you can take care of your lips at home without spending a fortune. Learn about all the methods and use them or choose your favorites, and you will find out how they will benefit your lips. You will definitely not regret it.


For proper lip skin condition, exfoliate dead skin cells regularly. This will prevent the skin from drying out excessively. Use a toothbrush to thoroughly exfoliate your lips. Apply a little petroleum jelly to it and massage your lips in a circular motion. This will remove dead skin cells and improve blood circulation in this delicate area.

Maintaining hydration.

Keeping your body hydrated is important for your body. This will leave your entire skin firm and healthy, just like your lips. Insufficient hydration affects the condition of your skin, it is gray and dry. So drink about 2 liters of water a day. Always carry a bottle of water with you, preferably with lemon.

Lip balm

Regular hydration of the lips helps to maintain a healthy appearance. This is especially important during the winter months, when the mouth is exposed to cold temperatures and inclement weather. Lips that are not properly moisturized can crack or chap. So always have a moisturizing lip balm on hand to leave a protective layer on your lips. Covering your lips with a thick layer of lip balm before bed is also a good solution. In the morning, they will be moisturized and firm. If you don't want to use ready-made lip balms, you can make your own using coconut oil and beeswax.

Sun protection

UV filters must be applied to the entire skin. Also, on the lips. If you're in the sun, buy a lipstick with a suitable filter. Otherwise, you may find that your delicate skin on your lips has burnt. UV rays can damage skin cells with unpleasant consequences. So next time you put on sunscreen, take care of your lips too.

A suitable diet

Eating a healthy diet can do more for your body than investing in expensive beauty treatments. Healthy skin, including lips, requires vitamins A, B, and C. You will find them in green vegetables and juicy fruits. Replace unhealthy snacks full of fat and sugar with fresh vegetables and fruits, and you will quickly notice the difference.

Quit smoking

Quit smoking
Smoking negatively affects the health of the entire body. This can be seen especially quickly on the skin. It becomes gray, dry, loses its shine and elasticity. He also does not lose sight of the delicate skin of the lips. Therefore, take care of the health of the whole body and give up cigarettes as soon as possible.


If red is your favorite color on your lips, and you can't imagine makeup without this element, get good quality makeup. Make sure he takes care of his lips all day long. You can also use a layer of protective balm before applying lipstick, it will provide moisture and prolong the durability of the cosmetic. If your lips are dry, be sure to skip matte lipsticks. They will accentuate not only dry cuticles, but also dry lips.

Stop licking and biting your lips.

If you feel your lips are chapped, the first thing you will want to do is lick them. However, this does not help them, but harms them. Licking your lips only makes the problem worse. As it dries, saliva dries out the lips and can also be an ideal breeding ground for various types of bacteria. On the other hand, dry cuticles on the lips often gnaw. Not only is it unsightly, but it can also cause cracks and painful sores on the lips. These injuries are difficult to heal because you usually try to chew on the wound again after it has dried. Instead, exfoliate your lips regularly and moisturize chapped lips with balm rather than saliva.

Avoid caffeine.

Caffeinated drinks additionally dehydrate the body. You don't drink 2 liters of water a day, because some of it is lost due to caffeine, for example, in coffee. So, try replacing your morning coffee with a cup of green tea, or buy decaf coffee. If your body can't handle it without an extra dose of stimulation, start by limiting the amount and gradually eliminate caffeine from your daily routine. After a while, you will notice that you no longer need coffee.

Lip massage

 Massaging your lips daily will improve circulation and increase blood flow. This, in turn, will significantly improve skin condition and nutrient flow. Massage your lips lightly with two index fingers every night. Start in the middle and work your way up to the outer corners. You can also use a toothbrush to get rid of dead skin cells at the same time.

Olive oil

Olive oil is an unusual substance, it is useful not only in the kitchen, but also irreplaceable for dry skin or hair. You will feel its nourishing effect on your lips. Brush your lips as soon as you feel dry, and after a while they will become hydrated and supple again.

Sugar peeling

Sugar peeling
Sugar peels are a great alternative to cosmetics found on store shelves. It can remove dead skin cells, improve blood circulation and skin condition. The easiest homemade lip scrub recipe is to use, for example, olive oil or a little honey to moisturize your lips and sprinkle them with sugar crystals. Then give a gentle massage and the sugar will mechanically remove the dead skin, making room for a new layer of skin.

Cucumber for moisturizing

Cucumbers are 90 percent water. Therefore, apply a slice of cucumber daily to dry and chapped lips. This will keep them hydrated, and the cucumber will brighten the skin.


The acidic properties of lemon deeply cleanse your lips while helping to remove dead skin cells. Apply lemon juice for 5 minutes and rinse. You can also put a piece of this fruit in your mouth. The effect will be the same. However, if you feel that the skin on your lips is burning more and more, rinse off the juice without waiting for 5 minutes. Perhaps your lips are too irritated and sour lemon will irritate them.

Fresh coriander

Fresh coriander can also be a genius for the health and appearance of lip skin. Take a few leaves of this plant and rub them on your lips every night. This will wake you up in the morning with moisturized pink lips.


Honey has been used for centuries for skin care, including lip skin. Its wide application allows you to cleanse, remove dead cells and, most importantly, moisturize your lips. Apply a layer of quality honey every night and let it regenerate irritated and dry lips (try not to eat honey right away).

Coconut oil

Coconut oil
Coconut oil is another example of a truly multifunctional product. You can use it in the kitchen, while cleaning, as well as for daily hair and skin care. Use it as a makeup remover that removes even stuck lipstick and as a moisturizer for dry lips. Coconut oil is also the perfect base for creating lip balms and colored lip gloss.