How to grow hair at home?

How to make hair grow faster?

          It is undeniable that for a long time to have long hair for a woman or girl is considered a very fashionable style. It is not surprising that girls tend to have hair thick and beautifully shiny. If you do not have such hair, read this article to learn about practical ways to think it. Here you will find some information on how to make your hair grow naturally without spending money and without side effects.

Stimulate hair growth

          To do this, you need incentives for the scalp. The best way to stimulate hair growth is to regularly massage your head for 30 minutes or more. Deep head massage is a very effective method of stimulating blood circulation, necessary for rapid hair growth. You may also consider taking folic acid, which is an important vitamin for the scalp.

 Use only natural products for your hair

         Also use aloe Vera juices for scalp and hair tips. Cut the cut aloe leaf in half, select a gelatin from it and apply on the scalp. In fact, aloe is one of the few natural remedies that can help faster, naturally increase hair growth. You just need to figure out which technique is best for your hair type. Some women apply yolk to their hair because, as you know, the yolk is rich in natural proteins.

 Eat Healthy Foods and Vitamins

        Eating healthy food is another effective piece of advice. Avoid unhealthy fast food diets and remove sweetened sodas from the fridge, which of course do not solve the problem of hair loss.

 Meet the right nutritional groups

          And there are only those foods that are rich in protein and omega-3s, such as salmon and oily fish. Finished and protein-rich foods: eggs, vegetables, meat, fish, fruits, whole grains, cereals, nuts, and many other foods. They are very well known for their effectiveness in stimulating hair growth, eliminating hair loss or thinning.

Get rid of devices that could damage your hair

         Get rid of all electrical devices, such as curling irons or hair straighteners, which will certainly do your hair more harm than good. Did you know that high fever is basically torture for your hair? Too high a temperature will definitely damage your hair; Using hair straighteners and curling irons will result in split ends and damaged hair. If possible, avoid exposing your hair to strong sunlight, as it can make your hair flabby and dry.


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