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The skin on the back contains many glands that secrete natural fat. Since our backs are usually covered with clothing, this fat, along with dead skin cells, penetrates the pores of the skin and clogs them, causing inflammation that causes acne. Acne can affect anyone and any age, but often they are most severe in adolescence, when a hormonal storm is raging in the body. Acne can be cured, they can also go away on their own, but it is likely that they will leave scars and stains, causing discomfort, especially in the summer months when we want to wear a swimsuit or a blouse with a bare back. If you are not comfortable with acne scars, read this article, and you will learn how to get rid of such scars. In the case of moderate acne scars on the back, some natural methods will be helpful, which we will give below. In more severe cases, when concave scars occur, medical procedures that have also been described will be more appropriate.

Laser therapy

For more serious acne lesions, professional treatments, including laser therapy, work well. This works by sending light pulses to the skin, which remove its outer layer, allowing fresh skin to grow and regenerate underneath. Thanks to this, the appearance is significantly improved and the scars disappear.

Chemical peeling

Another way to get rid of acne scars on your back is to use chemical peels that can be used for very deep scars. Such scrubs act as exfoliation, removing the outer surface of the skin, so that new pigmented skin can grow.


Dermabrasion is a medical procedure that removes scars on the skin thanks to a rotating metal brush or diamond wheel. This treatment works on a principle similar to the previously mentioned. Removes the outer layer of skin so that a new one can regenerate. After the procedure, the new skin begins to recover after about seven days, but it can have a pink color up to twelve weeks after the procedure, and it should be protected from the sun whenever you are on the streets.


Pruning is a medical procedure that is used for deeper acne scars and is usually combined with other treatments, such as laser therapy. Scars are removed surgically, allowing the skin to renew and even out with the surrounding skin.
If you have serious problems with acne scars, we recommend that you consult a doctor before trying to get rid of them.


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