6 secrets for healthy, silky hair

6 secrets for healthy, silky hair

Silky hair is one of the main physical attributes of beauty. But how to get this effect and how to deal with it?
There is no magic formula that can repair damaged hair overnight. However, there are many ways to make your hair look silky and healthy. Best of all, you don't need expensive procedures. Want to know how to achieve this effect?
Apart from using external products like shampoo and conditioner, your hair needs other care to keep it healthy. For example, to promote healthy growth, you need to include certain nutrients in your diet.
What else to do? Take a moment to read our article today. This will help you learn how to make your hair silky smooth. We will tell you about this in more detail a little later.

Silky hair and its secret

Hair is one of our primary physical attributes. Therefore, it is important to provide it with basic care to keep it healthy and silky. But how to do that?
There are many factors that can damage your hair. Direct solar exposure, the use of chemicals, and hot simulation equipment are just a few of them. While there are many products and treatments on the market today that can be used to counter damage, there are not always enough.
Therefore, it is important to live a healthy lifestyle, thus ensuring that you have enough nutrients in your diet. You should also use other forms of hair care to keep your hair looking healthy.
Which one? Still, not sure what to do to keep your hair looking healthy and silky? So keep reading to find out!

1. Choose the products that are right for you

Choose a care product based on your hair and scalp type. This is the best way to provide proper care.
Choosing the wrong shampoo and care regimen can destroy your hair fibers. For this reason, you should choose the one that suits your hair type, be it oily, combination or dry.
You should also avoid foods that contain powerful ingredients like sodium lauryl sulfate. This is because they are quite aggressive towards the hair and scalp. Remember that the cost of such products is not always synonymous with good quality.

2. Wash your hair with cool water.

While this advice may seem out of place, a cold shower is great for maintaining a healthy, silky mane. You may not know this, but hot water opens the cuticles of the hair fibers, which in turn can lead to excessive drying and hair loss.
On the other hand, warm water has the opposite effect - it protects the scalp and improves hydration.

3. Increase your protein intake.

Protein plays a vital role in hair growth. But you don't need to eat only protein supplements, you need to increase your protein intake naturally to promote healthy growth and not worry about issues like excessive hair loss.
Many people take it lightly, but the fact is that hair is almost entirely composed of this nutrient. Therefore, it is important to consume at least 50 grams of protein per day. You can get them from the following products:

• Lean meat
• Domestic bird
• Fish with fatty meat
• Vegetables
• milk products
• eggs
• nuts

4. Eat more foods that contain omega-3 fatty acids.

Proper absorption of dietary omega-3 fatty acids is the key to stimulating hair follicles and sebaceous glands. Therefore, if you want your hair to look healthy and silky, you need to increase your intake of foods that contain it.
So, don't forget to choose:

• Saltwater fish such as salmon, sardines and herring.
• Nuts and seeds
• Extra virgin olive oil
• Avocado

5. Want silky hair? Excessive washing does not contribute to this!

Washing your hair every day is harmful. Even if you might get the impression that they are spotless, it could eventually change their natural oil production.
In fact, the scalp even tends to build up shampoo and leave residues of other cosmetic products on the hair fibers.
So, what can you do to keep your hair healthy, silky? Well, wash them no more often than every other day. If your hair is too oily, choose dry shampoos and / or astringent hair toners.

6. Limit the use of straighteners, curling irons and dryers.

All physical and chemical procedures change the structure of the hair, so it is worth using protective and regenerating agents. Excessive use of curlers, hair dryers, and other heating appliances for styling your hair can be simply the root cause of hair damage.
While these accessories can help you create a very complex hairstyle, they will definitely damage your hair and follicles. Therefore, try to save them for special occasions and always use in conjunction with thermal insulation.
Also, try to apply a moisturizing or regenerating product to your hair every time you use these devices.
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The Latest tips for healthy and silky hair

Finally, in addition to everything we said above, we leave you with a few basic tips to consider in your daily hair care routine.

• Dry your hair by gently wrapping the strands with a towel so that it absorbs most of the water.
• Do not brush them too hard.
• Use products that can protect them from the sun (caps and hats are great).
• Massage your scalp with your fingertips and apply essential oils.
• Apply home care at least twice a week.

Is your hair dull and lifeless? Start applying all the tips you learned today and you will soon notice the difference. You can also consult your doctor if you have excessive hair loss or other scalp problems.

This is because certain hair problems can sometimes indicate other potential health problems.

Useful tips for home

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