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Ways to rejuvenate face

Ways to rejuvenate face

            Facial skin loses its elasticity with age, discoloration, wrinkles and the so-called crow's feet. Not everyone can afford expensive creams or a visit to an aesthetic medicine salon. Fortunately, there are natural methods that not only improve the condition of the skin, they effectively return the years. How can you rejuvenate your face? Let's find out.

Proper care

            To rejuvenate your skin, you must focus on proper skin care. First, you need to start with a thorough cleaning. Water alone is not enough: you can get cosmetics to ease this task. It is worth using natural products such as honey (crystallized will replace peeling), green cucumber extract or activated carbon. Do not forget to lubricate the skin after cream care procedures: with a cream containing vitamin A, E or C. Do not forget to massage your face daily, as well as apply cream and stroke - this facilitates the absorption of the substance and improves micro circulation.

Bad habits

          Quit smoking! Tobacco smoke is not an ally of a beautiful and young face. Tar substances negatively affect not only the skin tone, but also its elasticity. Panting cigarettes causes smoker's wrinkles, which are located around the mouth. Sunbathing also negatively affects your skin, so avoid strong sunlight and refuse to visit the solarium. Wrinkles can even be affected by your sleeping position - if you want to delay their appearance, sleep on your back.

Good habits

            When you want to look younger, you should follow a healthy diet. If you are a fan of ready-made meals, you better give them up. Processed food not only does not provide many valuable nutrients, it contains preservatives that adversely affect health. Learn to cook yourself and eat more fresh vegetables and fruits. Often use broccoli (containing sulforaphane), carrots (a source of vitamin A and beta-carotene), beets (betanin slows the aging of body cells), and oily sea fish. Do not forget to drink plenty of water - you will get a beautiful view by drinking two liters of fluid per day.

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