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The summer is a season definitely favorable for skin. However, there are several rules of leaving which should be considered when temperature outside the window reaches or exceed 30 degrees of S. Uznayte what most frequent mistakes when leaving we make during a summer season.

The most frequent mistakes made in summer skin care

In the summer face skin and bodies is affected by a number of weather conditions, generally strong sunlight, salty water and the warm, but drying wind. Unfortunately, many of us still in this season care for a condition of the epidermis much less. It is a big mistake because lack of basic leaving, including moistening, protection against the sun and skin regeneration support, maybe, among other things to promote. Aggravation of symptoms of an acne in the fall, strong dryness and peeling, formation of ugly spots and even cancer of skin in the future.

Seven most widespread mistakes in skin care in the summer

  • Not to use medicines with UV filters - sunlight has both short-term and long-term effects. Though short-term influence has positive effect, too long influence can injure (it is even deep) epidermis, to promote formation of spots and to increase risk of development of cancer of skin.
  • The lack of moistening of skin - good condition of a hydrolipidic layer of skin is a basis of its elasticity and elasticity. In the summer sweat glands work, very intensively that promotes faster evaporation of moisture from the surface of skin. Daily intake of the nutrients, which are contained in creams, increases a protective barrier, provides cages with moisture and promotes regeneration.
  • Any regeneration of skin - after day of active holiday in the fresh air, stay to the sun, bathings in the salty or chlorinated water skin needs additional strengthening. Therefore, after clarification of the face and a body it is worth applying strongly moisturizing cream in the evening with ingredients, which will promote fast cell renewal.
  • Forget about skin moistening from within - it is necessary to drink mineral water (about 2 liters a day) for maintenance of adequate moistening of all cages, and not just skin. After all, water is the main environment in which at the molecular level there are many changes. Always it is worth having at itself a water bottle, especially when we organize trips, we go to the beach or just we walk with children behind ice cream.
  • Use of the same cosmetics in the summer and in the winter - in the summer other requirements, then, are imposed to skin absolutely in the winter. First, he demands much lighter texture and a few other nutrients. Therefore, other cosmetics well will approach at subzero temperature, and another - at high.
  • Any skin exfoliation - in the summer epidermis tends to dry and be shelled, especially when we spend many hours in the sun. It is recommended to clean all body and face one or two of time a week. Depending on type of skin and its requirements, you can choose a fermental product (most often a papaya or pineapple enriched with fruit enzymes, for example, for sensitive skin) or granulated (intended for people with normal and oily skin). Only this way it is possible to get rid of dead cells of skin and to carefully clean pores.
  • To protect skin only on the beach - makes sense to apply sunblock cream not only on the beach. Moreover, even if we the most part of time are in a shadow, we will not protect ourselves from harmful effects of solar radiation.

What is necessary for skin in the summer?

The condition of skin and depends in the fall in the winter on how we look after skin in the summer. What is necessary for our epidermis during this period?
First there has to be a thorough clarification and peeling. Sweat and sebaceous glands, which can block skin pores that, in turn, aggravates symptoms of pimples, are much more active. Dermatologists and beauticians recommend choosing the soft cleaning means; it is desirable with hypoallergenic structure. It is important that the product did not contain the factors causing allergies and a sensitization, the drying substances or artificial additives.

The second rule is to protect skin from sunlight and carefully to moisten it. The effective and popular ingredient, which is present in cosmetics, is urea, which considerably influences hydration level (holds water in epidermis), increases absorption of other cosmetics and accelerates cell fission in the granulated layer that promotes regeneration. An example of qualitative dermatokosmetichesky means is Cerkobalm balm from 10% of urea, PP vitamin and beta-carotene. It is recommended first for sensitive skin after sea bathings, solar bathtubs, PUVA-therapy and for skin with tendency to peeling and drying.

PP vitamin (also known as B3 vitamin or niatsinamid), L-arginine and B-glitsirretinovaya acid also possess the calming and regenerating action. People with skin, sensitive, atopic and inclined to irritation, should address cosmetics, which not only will strengthen a protective barrier of epidermis, will deeply humidify it, but also have protivozudny properties, for example, Tserkopil balm.

In the summer, it is also worth addressing a product which structure will have the depigmenting and smoothing effect. Cerkoderm 5 cream with PP vitamin and urea, which supports the regenerative processes of skin and does it too much more elastic, attracts attention. Its light consistence allows using it under a make-up.

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