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No wonder - obtained in the process of distillation from the so-called "black gold", that is, from brown oil, paraffin is often called a substance for special tasks or "balm of youth." Thanks to its properties, it has a beneficial effect on the skin, cleansing it of toxins and restoring its beautiful appearance, and also significantly slows down the aging process, reducing and smoothing wrinkles. Moreover, it is safe to say that paraffin has healing properties. Treatments and baths prepared on its basis minimize the symptoms and effects of painful diseases such as fibromyalgia, rheumatism, arthritis, arthritis or muscle spasms, and regenerate the skin, accelerating the healing of wounds and cracks and significantly reducing scars.

Why does paraffin accelerate wound healing?

Why does paraffin accelerate wound healing?
Paraffin applied to human skin - usually in the form of a compress - not only "transfers" condensed heat energy, but also improves the process of removing toxins from tissues. When applied to the affected area, it stimulates microcirculation and stimulates the flow of nutrients into the blood. Interestingly, the substance is capable of maintaining one temperature for several tens of minutes.
It has been shown that, due to its properties, paraffin has a beneficial effect on:

• muscles, eliminating the effects of trauma and minimizing tension and preventing contractures
• joints - weakened by excessive exertion or rheumatic diseases
• nerves - can, among other things, mitigate the effects of facial nerve palsy.
• skin, effectively nourishing it, regenerating and restoring its elasticity and beautiful appearance.

How to prepare wax treatment?

For baths and compresses, two types of paraffin are used: liquid and oily wax. It is heated in specially prepared water baths. Place the paraffin container in a pot filled (but not completely) with water and set on fire. Paraffin wax melts at 42-54 degrees C and boils at 250 degrees C. According to the recommendations, the temperature of the paraffin intended for the so-called. Immersion baths should reach a temperature of 53-54 °C, used for procedures - no more than 60 °C.
Remember that paraffin wax is flammable and should not come into direct contact with fire.

How to prepare for paraffin therapy?

How to prepare for paraffin therapy?
Before proceeding with the paraffin treatment, you should properly prepare for it.
The skin should be washed and dried thoroughly, and smeared with petroleum jelly on the scalp. After applying the paraffin to the skin, the patient or patient should lie down on the bed and cover with a woolen blanket. Finally, the healing substance is manually extracted from the body. On the day of the procedure, we no longer have to use water for washing.

How to make a paraffin face and neck mask?

You will need:

• Facial peeling
• Wide brush
• Gauze
• Soft brush.

Cleanse your face thoroughly with the exfoliation and dry thoroughly. Then cover the complexion with several layers of gauze and apply the melted paraffin wax to it. Brush skin through cheesecloth and let the paraffin work. After a quarter of an hour, remove the mask along with the gauze. This simple treatment leaves your skin perfectly hydrated, velvety to the touch and smooth.

Paraffin bath for feet and hands

Paraffin bath for feet and hands
If you are struggling with rheumatic conditions or various types of injuries, try a paraffin bath. Pour hot paraffin wax into a bowl and dip your hands or feet in it. Remember to move your arms or legs while swimming to improve joint function. After the procedure, of course, remove the paraffin from the skin and wrap your arms or legs with flannel for a few minutes.

How to make your hand skin beautiful

First, remove dead cells from your hands with an exfoliation. Pour warm paraffin wax into a basin and dip your hands into it several times to make a two-centimeter compress. Then put your hands in plastic bags and wrap them in a terry towel. Remove the paraffin after 20 minutes. With this simple procedure, you will reduce discoloration and effectively firm the skin.
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