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Our skin is also our showcase. If we take care of it properly, it will give us a beautiful, healthy look. So, what do we do with our skin? How to properly care for her? Dermatologists recommend following the five essential rules for caring for our skin. If you follow them, your skin will become radiant. You can find all the tips below.

Don't forget about eye cream

The skin under the eyes is the thinnest and therefore most often gives away our age. If you don't moisturize and nourish it properly, it will become wrinkled, dry, and accentuate dark circles and under eye spots. So, let's find at least a moment in your daily care to apply a good eye cream. Which creams are suitable? Of course, delicate so as not to irritate the eyes, preferably with the addition of peptides and antioxidants, and in addition, the cosmetic product will prevent the appearance of wrinkles. You can also use creams that lighten discoloration or nourish delicate skin. It all depends only on the needs of your skin.

Sleep on a silk pillowcase

When we sleep, our skin rests directly on the pillow. If it's made of a hard material, ugly bruises may form on your skin that will remain on your face for hours. If your skin is regularly exposed to these influences, it can cause wrinkles. And who wants to cause wrinkles on the skin on their own? To prevent this from happening, you can replace the pillowcase with a silk one. Thanks to this, the slippery material will not bend and leave dents on the face. So, if you care about the condition of your skin, be sure to replace all pillowcases with silk ones.

Eat colorfully

Many factors affect our health. One of them is proper nutrition. What we eat directly affects the condition of our skin. You've probably already noticed that after consuming some ingredients you get acne, while others make your skin gray. If you dream of smooth, radiant skin without blemishes and imperfections, then you should definitely give up white bread and flour products. In return, eat lots of fruits and vegetables that are rich sources of antioxidants and vitamins. As a result, your skin will be radiant and healthy looking.

Use headphones when making phone calls

Use headphones when making phone calls
It may sound strange to you, but your phone is a breeding ground for bacteria and germs. By applying it to your face while talking, you transfer them all to your skin. And they can cause skin irritation, acne and other unpleasant imperfections. If you want to prevent this, always use headphones when making phone calls. They will reduce the risk of bacteria getting on your skin.

Reduce your sugar intake

As we already wrote, what we eat directly affects the condition of our skin. If your diet is high in sugar, keep in mind that it can damage collagen, the protein that keeps your skin healthy and supple. This, in turn, causes the formation of wrinkles. Therefore, avoid excessive amounts of sweets by substituting healthy fruits for them. It is true that they also contain sugar, but it is easily absorbed by our body and does not pose a threat to our health or skin condition. Plus, this fruit is full of vitamins that also help nourish and strengthen our skin from the inside out.

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