How to prepare epilation sugar paste?

How to prepare epilation sugar paste?

Removing unwanted hair is not the most pleasant procedure and is often associated with irritation, ingrown hairs, or allergies. They can be caused by the use of razors, foams or gels with chemicals. So, if we have sensitive skin, it is worth trying an alternative depilation method using sugar paste. First, it is completely natural, and the ingredients needed to make it are cheap and commonly found in every home - sugar, water and lemon. With this method, you can enjoy smooth skin for up to three weeks. In addition, the sugar paste does not cause irritation, and after using it, the hair becomes weaker and lighter. Contrary to the appearance, removing hair with this method is not so difficult. So how do you make sugar paste?

Benefits of depilation with sugar paste

Epilation with sugar paste has been known for centuries, and this method came to us from the Middle East. It is completely natural because only sugar, water and lemon juice are used for its preparation. As a result, it can be used by people with sensitive skin and prone to allergies. The mixture is completely safe, and the effect lasts up to three weeks. Sugar paste waxing can also be used when the hair is very short and you do not need to wait for it to grow back. In addition, the paste does not stick to the hair, but only removes unwanted hair. In addition, they grow back more slowly, become weaker and brighter. If irritation occurs after epilation with sugar paste, it usually goes away on the same day. Washable only with water, no additional chemicals are required.

How to make sugar paste?

Making the sugar paste takes a little time, but contrary to the looks, it is not that difficult. We can successfully do this at home. To prepare it, we need two cups of sugar, 1/4 cup of water and 1/4 cup of lemon juice. First, boil the lemon juice and water in a saucepan and then add the sugar. Then cook over low heat and stir the ingredients until the sugar dissolves. The mixture is ready when it darkens to brown and resembles melted caramel in consistency (this usually takes about 25 minutes). You can also do a test and remove the paste from the pan. When it hardens quickly, it is ready. Pour the mixture into a cold dish and store in the refrigerator.

How to epilate with sugar paste?

Cold method: There are two ways to epilate with sugar paste - cold and warm. In the case of the first method, take some pasta (one tablespoon is enough) and knead it in your hands for a while, until it becomes plasticine. Spread the mass over the skin in a thin layer, remembering to do it against the fibers. Then quickly and vigorously separate the paste towards the hair. Loose mass can be reused and removed from most of the skin, such as the entire calf.
Hot Method: In the case of the second method, we need thin strips of material to tear off the paste. First warm it up in a water bath, and when it dissolves, apply with a spatula or wooden stick to the selected part of the body. Then we put a strip of fabric, gently press it and tear it off with a sharp movement. We repeat the operation until the selected place is completely smooth.
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