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Change of color on hands can be caused by the different reasons. Many people usually appear on sunny days or in a trip around the exotic countries. Then it is usual hand freckles. Unfortunately, spots can have also less pleasant reasons. It is possible to call them the age spots also known as spots of a liver or symptoms of a serious disease. Learn how to distinguish various changes of skin color and that with them to do.

What do tell symptoms about?

Spots on hands usually do not appear without other symptoms. If it is symptoms of violations in an organism, with us for certain, something is not right. Hand freckles are absent, without face or back freckles. What do separate spots and spots on hands differ in?

Freckles. People with light skin are inclined to leave spots in the sun. Some people do not love a freckle and bleach them differently, but brown spots are absolutely harmless.

Age change of color - pigmentary spots arise, in particular, because of a century. However, they can also appear at young people after influence of sunshine. As well as freckles, they settle down on the outer side of a brush, area of a decollate and on a face. Usually, they are darker than freckles, therefore we call them hepatic spots (on the color of a liver). They are not the result of violation of the work of this body.

Post-inflammatory change of color - after inflammation, including on hands, can develop change of color which disappears after a while. After dermatitis, the red or pink spots meet more often than brown.

Reaction to phototoxic substances (hormonal medicines, streptocides, retinoids, some antibiotics) - intake of some drugs can be one of the reasons of hyper sensibility of skin to the sun. There can be an allergic reaction in the form of red spots on hands, reddening’s, an itch and even blisters.

Hormonal violations (frequent, for example, at pregnancy) - red spots on hands need to be added to various symptoms of hormonal violations at pregnancy.
Symptoms of a disease of kidneys or a liver - unfortunately, reddening on hands is also shown, for example, by cirrhosis. If you are not pregnant, and you still have this symptom, it is better to undergo inspection.

Genetic diseases - for example, vitiligo can be one of the reasons of change of skin color on hands. Usually, it is followed by characteristic deculturation of the person and asymmetric white spots on a body. Red spots, the horny and shelled epidermis, can also appear as a result of atopic dermatitis and psoriasis.
Certain types of cancer - depending on type of tumor and a stage, it will look differently. However, skin new growths seldom appear on hands, most often on a face and around a mucous membrane.- as them to bleach change of color on hands

Bleaching of freckles on hands is the least dangerous. It is possible to make it at home or by means of special means of pharmacy. One of the old ways to fight against spots on hands - lemon juice. You can apply juice directly to skin. If you have very sensitive skin, it is possible to mix juice with cream. One more house way to get rid of spots on hands is a mask from natural yogurt with honey. Besides, we have suitable cream in each pharmacy and pharmacy.

Before applying the same methods to pigmentary spots, it is worth checking skin reaction. It is always additional load of epidermis and not all methods it is possible to use without consequences. The beautician can help with elimination of brown spots on a liver. Special chemical peelings or laser procedures allow improving appearance of skin considerably.

At the diseases causing emergence of spots on hands, it is necessary to begin the treatment corresponding to a disease.

Treatment of change of color on hands

Treatment of change of color on hands
Red spots on hands which are skin inflammation symptoms treat, facilitating symptoms. Surely consult with the dermatologist concerning the corresponding therapy. Psoriasis and atopic dermatitis most often treat symptomatic by means of steroid ointments and creams and also the soft greasing means (oils).
Effective medicines for immunity

The hormonal violations which are shown in spots and spots on hands treat the corresponding hormonal therapy. Besides, the doctor can advise what cosmetics to use as auxiliary.

After emergence of deculturation and new growths, the treatment corresponding to a disease is carried out. Therapy - depending on a stage and type of cancer - the expert has to select. However, such changes meet very seldom.

In each case, the prevention is also important. Cream with a strong UV filter most often helps to get rid of hand freckles. You can also not subject skin to influence of sunshine. As for production of vitamin D we need a little sun, therefore in certain time it is possible not to go outside. From 10 to 15 o'clock, especially in the summer, the sun the strongest in our climatic zone.

Practically everyone, who has such problem, has to remember protection against sunshine. Except for exceptional cases, sunshine is harmful to the hyper sensitive, sore or weakened skin.

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