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Computer survey of skin is carried out to have a complete idea of its biological state. It considerably simplifies to you the choice of daily care and procedures in a cosmetology office. Carrying out the analysis requires the special equipment. This service is offered by the centers of esthetic medicine and well-equipped beauty shops. Look whether computer diagnostics of skin is necessary to you.

Computer skin examination - what is it?

"Your dry skin!", "A fat T-zone - your problem", "The sun strongly injured your skin". An eye of the qualified beautician will be able to define many features of your skin about which you did not know up to the end. That, if your beautician... computer program? Nothing will escape car scanners.
Modern technologies fill our everyday life. By means of a smartphone or smartwatch application, it controls a diet, pulse, a dream and a menstrual cycle. So why not to use technology for the careful analysis of requirements of face skin or even all body?

So, computer inspection of skin is an objective analysis of a condition of your skin. It is carried out by a special head, which the expert of esthetic medicine or the beautician puts to face skin in specially allotted places. With its help, he will receive the image with increase up to 40 times. Thanks to this tool the computer collects information on skin and forms the objective report on its state.

Computer inspection of skin - what is it?

The computer analysis of skin - as looks inspection?

Whether the computer analysis of skin harms? Of course not! Inspection is perfect without serious consequences. It consists only in drawing the head on skin. It something reminds the trikhologichesky analysis when the expert investigates roots of hair with increase. Look how the trikhoskopiya looks: Trikhoskopiya - as looks inspection of hair?

The beautician or the doctor collects information on your skin, putting to it the special tool which takes the enlarged photos. Then data can be compared to "reference" or model images of healthy skin. Gathering these two images, the detailed analysis is made. What is important! The objective analysis means that numbers and schedules describe the condition of your skin. Therefore, it is possible to tell that it is mathematics of cosmetology!
After inspection, the expert will choose for you a special, address care and will recommend concrete cosmetic procedures. You can also ask print out photos and to make the report.

All test takes only several minutes. After that there comes the most important stage - the expert after diagnostics invites you to consultation during which it step by step passes all analyses of parameters and will prompt how to choose the leaving which is best corresponding to your requirements.

The computer analysis of skin - as looks inspection?

What will tell you the computer analysis of skin about?

Everything sounds perfectly, but why you actually carry out this analysis? What concrete data can be collected with its help?
The pictures taken in the increased scale allow estimating such parameters of skin as:

  • General condition of epidermis,
  • Assessment of level of peeling of epidermis,
  • Structure of an integument,
  • Skin moistening level,
  • Skin lubricant level,
  • Rate of damage caused by UV-radiation (for example, the sun),
  • Sites of pigmentation and hyperpegmentation,
  • Sizes of skin pores,
  • Emergence of black dots,

Condition of blood vessels, especially teleangiektaziya.

Severity of wrinkles and extent of aging of skin.

The computer analysis of skin will prompt what skin type for you: dry, normal or fat. The expert will also estimate as your epidermis peels and whether you have problems with intercellular cement. Defects in this area can lead to damage to hydrolipidic wool and, as a result, to the wrong moistening of skin. The beautician will also consider a factor of NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factor) which is responsible for skin moistening.

The person who is carrying out the test will also answer questions of many dermatological problems, such as rozatsea or expanded capillaries. Besides, the expert will estimate whether you have, for example, a problem of atopic dermatitis. You also learn how actually the injury of your skin caused by sunlight looks. The expert will also attentively study the change of color of your skin.

Severity of wrinkles and extent of aging of skin.

Computer inspection of face skin - a contraindication?

As I already mentioned, the test noninvasive. Therefore, you will not find contraindications in offers of computer skin tests.

Computer inspection of skin - whether costs?

In my opinion, unambiguously yes! The test takes literally several minutes, and the price is not overstated. Thanks to results of the analysis, you will know for sure what cosmetic procedures will suit you. Moreover, you can make the test to and, for example, after a series of procedures or use of the cosmetic line for some time. I unambiguously recommend to register in such a meeting!

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